Are you sure you want to be in social networks?

Are you sure you want to be in social networks?

For a while now, everyone talks to you about social media; they tell you that you have to be, that it is very important that you have a fanpage and you create your Twitter profile, among many other social networks whose name you have never heard … They paint it very nice, it is very easy, you can even register yourself And for free! So far so good, but nobody mentions the second part … and it is that it is necessary to manage those “free” profiles. This is not about any game, but is to enable a true channel of communication, which you can not leave abandoned to your fate …. 

So are you sure you want to do it? If so, go ahead, but keep in mind the following:

Are you willing to dedicate the time and effort required to maintain it?

You have to keep in mind that you have to dedicate a daily time to update and manage your social profiles. This is an effort, in addition to the need for adequate preparation.

  • Make known the differential characteristics of your brand,personal attributes, that make it special in the eyes of others and attract your followers.
  • Dedicate yourself to create and consolidate a community around your brand. Get new followers every day, make them recommend you to their contacts, extend your network and with it your influence. If you do it well, you will have a large family, a stable group whose alma mater is the brand.
  • Manage your community, bet that it stays together. It encourages your interactivity, offers attractive content, always thinking about your interests.
  • Create excitement, make them welcome your proposals with interest. Plant them new things and you will have them eating from your hand.
  • Take an active part. Always respond to the comments of your followers, who prove that there is someone on the other side.
  • Monitor all the activity related to your brand, sector or product that is developed in the online medium. You have to follow closely any topic that may directly or indirectly affect you.

It is not an easy task, but it is worth trying. If you work hard your effort will pay off, your work will revert to increasing your presence in the social network, creating a solid online reputation.

What can happen if you do not follow these guidelines?

If you do not keep your profile alive every day, it will gradually fade away, it will become a gray and apathetic environment, where your followers will not want to be. This same sensation will be the one that transmits your brand; there will not be a positive attitude towards it. Your online reputation will leave much to be desired, will be at the mercy of an environment foreign to you, where you will not have the capacity to control what takes place in it and affects you directly.

If you do not follow your profile activity daily, you will miss valuable information related to your brand, your sector or the actions of the competition. And what is worse, you will not have the capacity to respond to an attack or a setback where your intervention is required; so you will be in a situation of clear disadvantage.
The Internet is a living environment, constantly evolving; you can not control what happens in it. You have to have weapons to be able to act, be prepared for what may happen.

As you can see, this is a very important step that you have to give firmly; If you doubt, you are lost. Consider it seriously and bet for an effective strategic management in social networks.

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