The importance of a script in social media

The importance of a script in social media

Can you imagine a film classic like Casablanca without a script? Honestly, it is unthinkable. How were we going to see on the big screen the love story between Ilsa Lund and Rick Blaine, or how were we going to see if Rick would finally help his love to escape the Nazis?

Without a script, a film would be nothing more than a series of people or characters that do whatever they want at any moment, captured in a succession of images without meaning or connection. It is the backbone of the movie.

The script is what provides a plot thread to the film, is what justifies all the actions that are made in the film, which justifies each scene, each dialogue, each image or even each location. It is what gives absolutely everything meaning.

In Social Media the same thing happens. We need a backbone that supports each and every one of the actions we carry out for a brand, be it its brand image, its reputation or, why not, its sales.

To manage the presence of a brand in Social Media, it is not enough to open a profile on the most widespread social platforms, but rather, the first thing is to analyze the brand and the objectives that we want to establish.

When a studio decides to produce a film, a goal is set, and, based on that, they hire the director and those responsible for the different areas of the film, just like when we made a social media plan, which is the script of the film starring the brand.

Just as the producer hires the scriptwriter, we must hire a qualified professional to design the script for the film, to write each scene, each dialogue.

In Social Media it is the same. The script, the Social Media plan, will tell us how to act in each moment: what content to share, in what channels, what tone we will use, who will be responsible for carrying out internal and external communications, design the most appropriate actions in the different channels …

Social networks are not a place for improvisation. In this sense, improvisation is equivalent to failure.

Planning is fundamental for a professional as well as for the brand, since in this way, we can build our online presence on the best principles for the brand.

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