The 4 pillars of influence Marketing

The 4 pillars of influence Marketing

The Influence Marketing is the term that encompasses the set of strategies focused on the construction and management of stable and lasting relationships between the brands and the so-called “influencers”, those people who possess certain capacity to get the favor of their community or environment towards the brand. The main tool of these prospects of the brand is the word of mouth; the prescribers use their relevance in social media to influence the benefit of the company.

The base of influence marketing is based on four fundamental pillars:

Identification of influential potentials:

Find your target audience, members whose profile is interesting for your brand, who are active and have a feeling.

Investigate and select those opinion leaders who are likely to take the brand to the last level. They can be celebrities, journalists of recognized prestige, bloggers specialized in the sector and even consumers.

We are experiencing a stage of democratization of social influence, do not forget the new influencers: the clients, who can be constituted as potential evangelizers of the brand.

In short, it is about finding people whose opinion has a certain impact on society and may be related in some way to the company.

Provide real incentives to get their support.

They have to perceive a favorable treatment, which can be translated into discounts, the exclusive use of products, witnessing the launch of the novelty, or the invitation to important events in the sector, organized or not by the brand. Offer them new and incredible experiences. Do not tell everyone the same, personalize your message, the way to address them.

Keep the relationship and the degree of interest active.

If you want the word of mouth on the part of your influencers to be effective, you also have to do your part:

Give them a reason to stay with you; Worry about them, practice the feedback actively, provide exclusive information.

Treat them with respect. Ask them for their opinion, their point of view, that they participate and feel integrated.

Narrow links, so that their recommendations are really spontaneous and sincere, credibility is the basis for influence marketing to work.

You have to be special to them, to possess qualities that they value especially. Money can not buy love. It is not authentic, it does not work because they do not refer you honestly and sooner or later the relationship falls under its own weight.

Deserve support from your evangelizers.

The brand must provide sufficient reasons to win the approval of the influencers. To get them to speak publicly about it, you must have an unblemished public image. If the company does not act correctly internally or externally; or does not properly manage their presence in social networks, these bad actions would have a negative impact on the online reputation of the influencer, who would put all his effort into saving his good name, even if this means devastating the image of the company.

Finally, keep in mind that today the brand is not what it claims to be, but what they say about it; that is why it is so important to put all the means at your disposal to create a favorable online reputation; You have to work hard to get what they say about you to really coincide with the image you want to convey.

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