Loyalty and Social Networks to grow by involving the customer with our brand

Loyalty and Social Networks to grow by involving the customer with our brand

Social Networks have become an indispensable tool within the Marketing strategies used by companies to create commercial and emotional links between brands and their actual or potential clients.

Keeping in touch with our customers is becoming one of the most useful and effective trends in online marketing strategies where, without a doubt, social networks can represent an excellent alternative or an effective complement to traditional methods and systems. loyalty

In an adverse economic context like the present, the consumer tends more than ever to “infidelity”, for that reason loyalty is currently the great priority for every brand and, at the same time, its greatest challenge.

The needs of consumers are evolving at an accelerated pace, following emerging trends that reflect a new lifestyle, as well as the latest technological innovations. Marketing professionals who want to capture the attention of such a changing target audience, while at the same time gaining their trust and loyalty, must not only be up-to-date with trends, but also develop marketing programs that truly make their image brand meets the expectations of consumers.

But in addition, we must not forget that, one of the great challenges of advertisers is, has been and still is not only reach their target audience but retain and retain that user interested in the products and services that we can offer.

In this sense, social networks begin to play an important role in the processes and strategies of loyalty of brands and companies because it is through them where brands can connect and initiate a conversation and more direct relationship with users and consumers.

According to Forrester Research, 69% of young people between 18 and 21 years old and 20% of adults have a profile in an online community. Recent studies have also shown that these members of online social networks also use the Internet to interact with brands.

Whereas in the past, loyalty marketing focused on “customer satisfaction” and later on “customer retention”, the current trend is to “involve the customer”. The research department of The Economist recently defined the involvement of the client as “the creation of a deeper and more meaningful connection between the company and the client, also extending over time.”

Loyalty marketing is about creating relationships that create links. And social networks are becoming a fundamental tool to achieve it.

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