Companies and media publishers generate $ 54 billion thanks to Google’s advertising services

After the first advance on the information revealed by Google, in which it was revealed that the company shares 68% of advertising revenue with publishers, new related data shows that US companies, media and website publishers that use the services and advertising tools in Google searches, generated around 54,000 million dollars in 2009.

The data reflects the economic impact of this activity through searches and services such as AdWords or AdSense used by thousands of businesses and publishers in the US. Although globally and globally these figures would increase considerably, the United States monopolizes most of this advertising business.

To analyze and quantify this economic impact, Google used different variables taking into account the amount of money it pays to websites that use AdSense, the advertising value it offers to non-profit organizations and the estimates of the benefits generated by advertisers.

According to Claire Hughes Johnson, vice president of global online sales at Google, the results clearly show that the Internet and online advertising offer significant advantages and added value for small businesses that compete with larger brands and businesses through this means.

In this sense, Mary Landrieu, president of the Association of Small Businesses of the USA, also highlighted the importance that this type of services and tools have for small businesses, which also opens new marketing channels and the possibility of exporting their products. products and expand their markets.

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