Marketing for “Prosumers”, a new label applied to consumers

Marketing for “Prosumers”, a new label applied to consumers

In recent years the actors and the marketing landscape have changed radically with the massification of new technologies. Users not only receive information, but they create it themselves. ActionsData marks the keys to this new phenomenon led by prosumers.

“We are currently experiencing an intense reconstruction of marketing. Thanks to the emergence of the internet or new formulas such as guerrilla marketing, companies have a multitude of channels available to target and reach an increasingly segmented audience “, comments Antonio Huedo, CEO of ActionsDATA. “However, the consumer has also undergone a transformation with respect to how he receives the information. Conventional advertising has gradually lost its credibility, but it is also possible that many of the new marketing formulas begin to die shortly after appearing. ”

As an example, as the analyst Victor Gil1 says, 46% of people visit blogs and forums before the decision of a purchase but 44% of Internet users think that this information is biased or manipulated.

With increasing frequency, consumers are searching for reliable and objective information on the Internet, and in many cases, they end up opening their own blog or profile to establish themselves as a source. This has created the prosumer (producer + consumer), a type of consumer who is not only a user, but a producer of content, sometimes with sufficient influence to help or hinder the purchase of a product. These new prosumers are protected against marketing since they are usually users who actively seek information, comparing various opinions and comparing. Marketing ceases to be something linear and vertical in this way, with more and more agents appearing in a dialogue that at least would be 3 bands (company – prosumer – consumer).

“Due to the complexity of the current scenario, marketing actions should be encompassed in a perfectly designed plan, taking into account the possible responses of prosumers to rectify and make it as effective as possible,” continues Antonio Huedo. “In ActionsData we believe that it is essential to identify our main targets and their behaviors, in order to get our information to the influencers in the most convenient way,” he concludes.

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