Companies committed to provide a multi-channel experience

Companies committed to provide a multi-channel experience

Technological development has led to a new way consumers seek information and develop the buying process, which involved a multitude of devices and channels. Some new habits that companies strive to meet, in order to provide a multichannel experience.

The study conducted by Forrester Consulting in collaboration with Accenture analyzes the expectations of buyers globally, based on their online behavior, and how companies are working to meet those needs; focused on B2B organizations.

The report data show a match between customer requirements and business objectives. For 60% of buyers, it is essential that the web count on useful functions to allow the search for products and information they need. Meanwhile, this objective is a priority for 48% of companies.

Companies committed to provide a multi-channel experienceInstead, secondly, customers expect to find reviews and comments on products from other customers (58%). This aspect is not among the priorities of the sellers. We do find, moreover, personalized suggestions, depending on the interests of buyers; even greater extent by customers (50%) of companies (42%).

Also, for the 39% of companies, it is important to have a mobile app to enhance the mobile experience. A tool that buyers do not rank among their priorities.

Note that the first step to improving is to be aware of the limitations. Thus, 87% of companies admit that needs to improve its crosschannel presence, to live up to current expectations of its customers. 86% believe that having adequate multichannel strategy is vital to achieve its goals as long-term undertaking. In short, be an ommnichannel company allowed to increase sales and therefore profits, according considers 83% of the organizations participating in the study.

How do companies develop their multichannel strategy?

To provide a quality experience across all touch points, companies strive to improve platform online (83%) vein and its management system orders (78%), along with data processing, analysis and application thereof (78%). Meanwhile, to improve the customer experience, 77% of companies have a commitment to CRM, as well as have a point of service (71%).

3 out of 4 companies is aware that it must provide support through the main points of contact. Also, customization is a key factor to provide a quality experience to their customers (68%). All this without forgetting the uniqueness and provide the same shopping experience, product availability and benefits, regardless of the channel selected by the (61%) customer.

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