More and more companies betting on the Inbound marketing in their strategies

Attraction marketing or Inbound marketing is positioned as the main weapon in the marketing strategy. 85% of companies that have taken part in the last State of Inbound , Hubspot recognize their effectiveness in achieving their goals.

It is included in its annual report HubSpot. 45% of surveyed marketing professionals highlights the attraction marketing as the main source of interested contacts. This percentage is twice that of those who bet on the techniques based on traditional impact for customers (22%).

More and more companies betting on the Inbound marketing in their strategiesFor 84% of these marketers, the channels that lead them to achieve their objectives are social networks, SEO and blogging. increasingly important tools in its strategy. In fact, in the case of B2B companies, 47% plans to increase its budget in these areas.

On the other hand, the study indicates that know the ROI remains an enigma difficult to decipher. Just over half of the companies are actually measuring the ROI of their strategy.

However, despite being really necessary to measure the results of its strategy, it is not an absolute priority. In addition, the positive note is that those companies that are able to assess the results of their actions report an ROI higher than the previous year.

Meanwhile, get more leads itself listed as a priority for these marketers (24%), followed by increasing the conversion of these new contacts (21%).

The report highlights an increasingly relevant in the case of the techniques that provide relevant content and are based on creative ideas to attract the target audience role. Above pursue actions focused on customer and hit him with our message in a way not precisely consented, nor desired.

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