5 ways to promote the discovery and dissemination of our content

5 ways to promote the discovery and dissemination of our content

Although the importance of content marketing as a digital strategy has been emphasized lately, we must not forget that one of the objectives of the same is to increase traffic to our web sites as well as to make our users loyal. The web structure of our site plays a fundamental role in the discovery of such contents.

The articles we publish, the infographics we create, can become interesting, fun, epic, sentimental, etc. But if, in the end, they do not get users to come back again and again in search of new ‘experiences’, all our effort will have ended up in a broken bag. We can get many visits to a specific content, but if all who come behind have a statistics of ridiculous visits, what will have served us?

5 ways to promote the discovery and dissemination of our contentA correct information architecture facilitates the navigability, thus emphasizing the usability of our site against other types of factors. Therefore, we must make use of all those elements placed at our disposal so that the user experience is as comfortable as possible, but at the same time, increase the number of conversions that we intend to obtain with our website.

In addition, it is our obligation to encourage our users to visit us frequently, for which, in addition to generating quality content, we must facilitate the creation of a   real and natural engagement . Therefore, we will not talk here of planning vertical, horizontal or network structures of a web, but of squeezing to the maximum the multiple tools that exist to get our users to be faithful to our contents.

These tools, summarizing enough, divide them into two groups according to their purpose:

Encourage discovery

Search box

Imagine that a user comes to our website looking for information about SEO. Our most recent articles may have covered a large number of topics related to SEO but, for some reason, our user does not find what they are looking for. How can you find that desired item?

A great method would be to favor the search for specific information on our website, which we can do through a search box. This will only pull our database in search of what the user needs and, if at any time we have addressed the issue in question, will show a list of all our articles that meet your criteria.


Sometimes, due to the dimensions of the websites, it becomes really difficult to know in which part of the navigation we are. Okay, I’m on an article about the label

One way to make it easier for the user to know where he is is to create a route with bread crumbs. Just as Pulgarcito used them to remember how to get back home, the user can use them to locate us on our website, and we do not run the risk of any birds eating them!

If the current article seems interesting to the user, bread crumbs can easily find out which category is framed and, if you are interested, ask more for similar items.

Encourage dissemination

Social Widgets

I think this point is obvious. We must ensure that it is easy to disseminate our contents, so we will try to make our visitors have the possibility of sharing.

Social widgets make this task very easy, many times without having to touch any code.

Links to social profiles

Placing on our web links to our social profiles has a number of benefits. On the one hand we promote these profiles through our website, so that if the user ends up becoming a follower, friend or whatever we want to call it, we will be making it possible for us to know more and more people, that is, we are spreading our brand.

On the other hand, users can use our social profiles to keep abreast of new publications on our website.

Subscription Forms

And since a user is on our website, why not catch it forever?

We can offer you an invitation to receive the latest news that we are publishing. Although there are several ways to do this, and possibly the RSS subscription is the best known, a very effective method is also the subscription by email as, in addition to gaining subscribers, provides us with a database of email addresses that we can use In future marketing actions.

Do you think of any other way to give visibility to our content? Leave your proposals in the comments.

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