Why Learn Coding?

Why Learn Coding?

Our worlds are increasingly controlled by digital devices, from the moment we wake to the moment we fall asleep at night.  Whether we are accessing cloud documents for work, partaking in a video conference or doing our weekly grocery shop online – we are all interfacing with the invisible language of code. A simple definition of coding is that it’s the means by which you control and communicate with a computer or device. There are several different coding languages that make up the world of digital things. Why would you need to know this language?

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Here are some amazing benefits from learning how to code:

Technology is Everywhere

Technology isn’t something that happens in a lab in Silicon Valley, it’s everywhere, every day. You’ll find it in schools, offices, hospitals and shops. Almost every organisation relies on the digital infrastructure and therefore, those who can speak ‘code’ have a lot of opportunities. To learn more about html5 banners, consider a site like The Bannermen


In such a tech-focused world, the more tech skills you have, the better. Each new skill you develop takes you in a multitude of different directions, makes you more attractive to employers and opens new doors all the time.

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Jobs in programming are growing 50% quicker than the rest of the job market. This puts you in a highly favourable position when it comes to job-hunting. Tech jobs are the sign of the future, so get one step ahead and then the market is yours to pick and choose over. Tech jobs also seem to come with more benefits than the average job, such as flexible working, remote working and of course, better pay.

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