How to remove mice from your garage

How to remove mice from your garage

Mice are tiny intruders that can wreak havoc in your garage. From gnawing on walls and electrical wires to leaving behind waste and droppings, these pesky rodents can damage your property and create a mess.

House mice are the most common garage invaders. They’re attracted to garages thanks to hiding spots and tempting food sources, such as grass seeds and pet food. Luckily, there are some super straightforward methods you can use to bid farewell to your unwanted guests.

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Spring Traps

A classic method. Set them near known mouse hangouts with bait, perhaps peanut butter, and check regularly.

Sticky Traps

These use a sticky substance to capture mice. While some see them as more humane, trapped mice maychew their paws in an attempt to escape. Research mouse traps to make an informed decision.

Live Traps

If you’re squeamish about harming mice, these traps catch them alive. Release them in a wildlife-friendly area, but you might just be moving the issue elsewhere.

Rodent Bait

Various poisons can be used – however, tread carefully as these can have risks, and the poisoned mice may also become a danger to other animals.

Check For Holes

Make sure you seal up holes, fix garage doors and block any entry and exit points mice may be using. If you realise you need new garage doors Bristol or elsewhere, specialists such as offer solutions.

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Keep a Cat or Dog

Certain pets, including young cats or specific dog breeds, can be super effective mouse hunters.

Once you’re rid of rodents, take steps to prevent them coming back. You’ll want to tidy up your garage and seal up any holes to prevent them re-entering. Keep food in tightly sealed containers. Avoid using poisoned bait as it can harm wildlife and isn’t pet friendly.

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