Changing Habits so that you can Help the Planet

As we become more aware of the problems that we face in the future due to climate change, we can start to make better choices when it comes to the way that we live now. Some are large and some are small but making these changes will make a real difference to the future of the planet.

Here are some of the practical steps that you can take in your life to reduce your carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly…

Change your Shopping Habits – Shopping is something that we can all change for the better. When it comes to food, going to local suppliers is better for the world, as the food won’t have travelled as far to be with you. This is also a good way to support your local economy, small shops and farmers in your area. Eating fresh seasonal produce is a good habit to get into as it is not only better for the planet but better for your health.

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Limit your Car Use – We know that cars are bad for the environment, and that the increasing number of cars on the road has led to lots of pollution. This is harmful to the planet and to our health, as it is causing an increase in chronic conditions such as asthma. Look at ways that you can reduce your car use. Do you really need to drive to the shop, or can you walk? Can your children walk to school in the morning? When it comes to work, can you get a car share scheme going? This will also help you to save money on petrol. Cycling is a good thing to look into as an alternative to driving the car everywhere. Sometimes car journeys are unavoidable, but it is good to look at where you can cut them out and replace them with walking or cycling instead.

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Use Environmentally Friendly Materials – Materials that are bio-degradable, recyclable and responsibly sourced are what you should be looking for when possible. Natural materials for building like these oak framed extensions are much better for the environment. When choosing materials, check how sustainable they are and try to use natural materials wherever possible, reducing the use of materials like plastic.

Re-use and Recycle – A good way to be kinder to the environment is to recycle. Reduce what you are sending to landfill by recycling the items that you can. When you are getting rid of things like clothing, this can be recycled by sending it to a charity shop, or you can out it in a clothing recycling bank. Car boot sales and auctions are great places to pick up second hand bargains if you are after something, which save the planet as well as helping your bank account.

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