From freedom of expression to debauchery of the Trolls in the Social Media

From freedom of expression to debauchery of the Trolls in the Social Media

Every time we find in the network a greater amount of unfounded criticism and offensive messages, poured for free and without any foundation.

Just yesterday the Huffington Post reported that convictions for online abuse have doubled in five years. 

It is the negative side of Social Media, social networks have also come to give voice to those beings who, for the sake of offending, launch into the media sphere their verbal degradations, with the sole intention of disparaging the target, target of their Vexations, and get some repercussion for a few days? To what extent does freedom of expression imply freedom from “offense”?

How to deal with these free verbal attacks?

Not always the best defense is a good attack, but in these cases, the most sensible option is not to feed your ego, not satisfy your craving for power. It is best to apply the well-known saying: Do not feed the troll. You have to keep in mind that this is a free attack, without foundation, that sooner or later will fall by its own weight.

Do not bother entering their game,Is wishing you to answer, to add more wood to the fire, this will only make you feel more important, and encourage you to continue. Besides, he will not attend to reasons, it is impossible that you try to talk to him, it is like doing it with the wall. Your main goal is to do damage, damage your online reputation and feel like a hero for a day.

One thing is clear, if I really want to contact you and get your message across, you would not use such means in this way; You certainly notice that your goal is to reach your moment of glory.

In these cases we can find two types of people: those who comment on a complaint and expect a solution from the company, and those who are responsible for complaining and attacking with no intention other than to do damage primarily to the image of a brand, And these are the main causes that companies are afraid to take a greater willingness to social mechanisms.

His zeal for protagonism blinds him, throws in the air messages that have neither feet nor head. In most cases they are poorly written, or do not adhere to the good practices of publication in that medium, revealing the little media culture that the author owns. With his insults also contaminates, the time line of those followers with whom still counts. This practice is totally against the good use of social networks, which act as a means open to communication and social interaction, having as main objective the quality of the message.

Even so, we can not consider that way any person who leaves us a critical comment, however violent. Taly says Silvina Moschini, CEO of Social Media, Intuic, “In most cases, it may be a disgruntled user who will quickly quell your claims as soon as we provide a solution.” A correct and polite response To the commentary, reminding him of the rules accepted for the conversation in the platform and inviting him to follow the interaction by another route, should be enough to identify the intentions of the navigator.In case the aggressions continue (what would effectively constitute a trolling case) We can shield ourselves in the policies of use of our site to eliminate the offensive comments “.

Are these proceedings unpunished?

These characters act under the protection that provides them with the existing legal void as far as social networks are concerned, making use of what they consider as freedom of expression, although it could be considered debauchery.

There is still no specific legislation to regulate derogatory comments through Facebook, or Twitter, for example; Although there have been cases in which the “aggressors” have been condemned, especially when their actions have had a transcendence beyond the moral damages.

Unfortunately, no one is safe from this type of aggression, so, in case it touches you, take a deep breath, collect a lot of patience and remember, “Foolish words, deaf ears.”

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