Do you know the most basic rules of Social Media?

Do you know the most basic rules of Social Media?

In Social Media there are certain rules that although they may seem basic and fundamental, it is advisable to review them and have them very present. Sometimes we do not take them into account and even without realizing it, having them present can be really useful.

They are not all that they are but they are all that are. More than a score of premises and rules that although they may be evident, are worth remembering.

  1. Stop thinking, would you talk to a person face to face in the same way?
  2. Everyone is an influencer!
  3. If your fans spread your content without your permission, offer your help!
  4. If you just answer complaints, it will be all that users send you!
  5. Solve problems of people who talk about you, even if they are not addressed to you
  6. Do not try to be list @: be ready @!
  7. Do your followers care about what you eat? If your brand is food!
  8. Your fans have the power over your brand
  9. If you want to get word of mouth use paid advertising and be original
  10. The desktop computer is conquered territory, the mobile is a battlefield!
  11. Always have a crisis plan
  12. Do not make your audience go from A to Z and then go through the Y. Stay in the A
  13. Do not use ads to spread boring content. Use them to accelerate the dissemination of content that is succeeding
  14. Forget singles. Create content to encourage groups to form
  15. If social media bores you because you’re trying to get more value than you think
  16. Do you think vain metrics like followers?
  17. Contests and lotteries are fine if you want to stimulate your fans for a short time
  18. People do not want to buy where they socialize
  19. Social media is not in a bubble, you can combine it perfectly with the traditional media
  20. It’s fine to take new users to your webpage instead of your Facebook
  21. Update your page or delete it
  22. Welcomes negative comments about your brand
  23. Not everything goes well, thank goodness!
  24. If monetization attempts rise, the consumer experience lowers
  25. People fight for your privacy
  26. The public prefers to talk to? Gossip Pepita? What with gossip

Are you Community Manager and follow the rules? Can you think of any more rules?

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