Do you know the worlds biggest warehouses

Do you know the worlds biggest warehouses

There are some really big warehouses around the world but the way forward for these companies seem to come up with new ways to maximize the efficiency of innovative and cutting down on the amount of space required. This can be tricky if you deal in huge products or have a gigantic operation. Here are a few of the largest warehouses on the planet.

Constellation Europe in the UK

This warehouse is over 800 000 square feet with the same volume of 14,000 double deckers!. Now that’s a big structure! It is Europe’s biggest wine cellar and home to over 50 million bottles. In addition to the storage of wine, it has facilities to bottle up 800 bottles every minute.

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Tesco Distribution Centre

Tesco has grown considerably since its conception in 1919. There are more than 2,975 shops in the UK and a distribution centre was completed in 2007 in Ireland, costing 70 million euros. It holds 600 employees and covers an area of 70,000 square meters. It is the distributing centre for all foodstuffs and 1.5 million cases are processed each week. Placed end to end, they would run for 15.6km. Some serious Longspan Shelving would be needed here! For more information on Longspan Shelving, visit a site like Rackzone.

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NASA Vehicle Assembly Building, USA

NASA VAB was completed in 1966 and has become a giant as it’s used for the assembly of the space shuttle and has been for over thirty years. Located at the Kennedy Space Centre, it is the largest single-story building on Earth by volume – a whopping 3,664,883 cubic meters.

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