Tips for winter drainage care

Tips for winter drainage care

Nobody wants a plumbing or drainage emergency, especially in the winter months. Simple steps can be taken to prevent this from happening, such as clearing out drains and downpipes or adjusting indoor heating.

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1. Inspecting your system

One of the most important steps in winter drainage care is inspecting your system before the cold weather sets in.

Start by checking the gutters and drainpipes and remove any leaves, debris or blockages. Check for any signs of damage or leaks in the gutters and pipes.

Repairing them quickly will prevent water from seeping into the foundations or causing ice to form, which can cause further cracks.

2. Surface water drains

Surface water drains should be regularly checked for blockages, pooled water and flooding, all of which can cause extensive damage to your property. By ensuring proper maintenance, the risk of water accumulation and related issues can be minimised.

If you suspect an issue with your drains, ask a reputable company to carry out CCTV drainage surveys in Kingsbury. They will be able to check for cracks or blockages and advise the best way to repair the issue.CCTV drainage surveys Kingsbury are a fast and efficient way to check for problems.

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3. Turning the heating down

Although it’s tempting to turn the heating off completely to save money in the winter, this can have a detrimental effect on your health. According to a recent report, “each centigrade degree reduction below 18C in Britain has been calculated to correspond with an extra 3,500 deaths”.

Therefore, it is vital to keep your home warm during the winter. Central heating should be at a consistent temperature to minimise the risk of frozen pipes, which can occur when the heating is turned up rapidly.

4. Rapid repairs

From dripping taps to damp patches, any signs of damage should be investigated sooner rather than later. Problems which are left often get much worse over time and are more costly.

5. Find your stopcock

If there is an emergency, it is important to know how to turn your water off at the stopcock.

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