The job of a Community Manager: Managing emotions

The job of a Community Manager: Managing emotions

The job of a Social Media Community Manager is basically to manage emotions. Das information, true, but what is sought with this information is to generate action. It can be a purchase or “like” promote debate or create brand image, but community management is but the management of emotions, and the first emotions that must manage a Community Manager are their own. Here are some issues.

Not speak on his own behalf

The first reason is basic: Except in very rare occasions, the Community Manager does not speak in his own name, but a brand. It is therefore essential that the person or persons behind this feature internalize what we might define as the character of the brand.

When you’re doing your function they are not your values or your mood that you transmit, but of the Mark. It is obvious, especially if the function is performed by a single person, that can transcend part of the personality of the Community, but if excessive may be that the image of the mark is hidden behind the personality of manager, and this is something that not you must happen.

The job of a Community Manager Managing emotionsYou must separate brand Person

Also, one of the biggest problems is the management of the criticism. The Community Manager, the same as anyone else aftermarket should be clear that the complaint or criticism received it is based on an alleged defect in the product or service provided by the brand and therefore is not an attack on him or her as a person, and must strive to maintain communication on that line.

I have worked many years not only for the customer, but doing my integrated functions within the client itself and sometimes it gets a little complicated, but you have to think that behind this criticism will come a query from another person (and, I hope that some thanks to another).

If you learn to not separate the person I professional self and you just go by negative emotions you not only lose the customer in question, but it is very likely that other customers receive the consequences and, with them, your brand.

You must be yourself

However, this does not mean that when you stand in front of the screen and enter your user should stop being yourself. On the contrary, when you start to make your work is when you should be more yourself than ever.

Because they are your skills and your personality that have led you to be in front of a community. What is running is to put everything you have to express what the brand wants to convey.

Also, you have to transmit the values of a brand does not mean you have to give up your own. It’s not about to stop being Dr. Jeckyl to become Mr. Hyde, among other things because when “kill” Dr. Jeckyl also dies Mr. Hyde.

Therefore, and I know that now “is not the oven buns” no good seller comes to sell an article that does not create, so if at some point have to consider the dilemma of “my values or yours” better go looking for something else.You will sleep quieter.


A long time ago I learned that battles loses the first who surrenders or who first loses his temper. Therefore, stay true to yourself, stay calm and do a professional job, the end of the day after every storm the sun always comes out.

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