Your Community Manager generates and sells value innovation

Your Community Manager generates and sells value innovation

There are clear conceptual differences between creativity, innovation and added value. The exact quantification of the value of our shares, remains one of the great challenges of brands looking to build their social influence.

Innovation is measured relative to the added value it brings to market.

The pursuit of customer experience, constant longing for identifying and measuring emotions reputation, place us before a time when the market-value -generate is increasingly a matter related to the way which consumers see the world and how this new vision is crucial in action consuming.

Your Community Manager generates and sells value innovationThe identification of the lack of the need to meet or question to answer is what brings value to an area where there was a vacuum, which defines innovation. This construction of solutions is essential for the new Community Manager, who exercise the great responsibility of transforming benefit, knowledge of its customers.

Give the customer the “sense” of his action, a way to generate value and sell innovation

The marketing today should focus on conceptual meet needs (create value), thereby achieving fill gaps = innovation, Community Manager today must be communicators of values.

To start you need to be consistent with the social phenomenon. The values running high. The act of consuming today is linked to social issues and fully conditioned to “sense” that you find our target audience consumption.

Clearly, for a local business selling shoes, the launch of “classic” as 2 pairs price of 1, does not imply any new developments. But if this promotion becomes company policy and prices remain constant, while the second pair is designed to meet more primary needs of disadvantaged people, the message will have a sense.

To sell innovation is necessary to generate value and for this, identify the gap cover and yes that means asking does it make sense to spend on my product ?, are actions that require constant monitoring of our target and application of the information derived from interaction with our networks.

Innovation = Loyalty, quality as symbol of trust

Finally let’s not forget that social action starts long before exposure, analysis of objectives, the study of competition and identifying weaknesses and threats, which the brand faces, deliver the Community Manager the necessary information to create value wherever there. Innovation derivative is who sustains customer loyalty.

The Community Managers are not product sellers are selling innovation.properly manage consumers, today linked to people beyond the products, it is one of its main objectives. Create value and sell innovation are the pillars that support the growth of the brands influence on the social fabric.

Not to forget that the pursuit of value, is a great ally of crisis prevention.Sell innovation is the most efficient way to consolidate ties with our customers.

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