What you may require a senior community manager?

What you may require a senior community manager?

With that social networks are passing the years and now are a few that we have among us, causing a radical shift of businesses to understand this channel and to connect with real business objectives. We have already passed the first wave of new community managers or junior managers community that had some leeway with the results because it was so new that companies were unclear what “callable” for this new class of workers.

As the sector is a bit more mature, there are many community managers of “senior” category to put it in some way, with some travel, allowing them to provide differential and more effective for businesses willing to bet on the channel value.

What you may require a senior community managerA community junior manager needed only the following to keep his job:

  • Fluid handling major social networks (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn).
  • Some ability to create content according to the brand they represent.
  • Constancies in their communication and relationship with the fans tasks.

Requirements for senior community manager

When a community manager wants to step forward and be considered a more senior profile, these are the subjects that will have to “test” to prove their worth:

  1. Know how to get all the necessary information: This point seems very easy but it is not.A customer or “boss” sometimes does not know, will not or do not realize it does not provide all the information required for a good start. Hence, a good community manager must know where and how to obtain all the necessary data. Not because of the characteristics of social networks and there are many appropriate for it but rather what kind of business is representing tools: value proposition, business goals and objectives “unwanted” in social networks.
  2. Knowing correctly interpret this information: All this amount of data must be able to sort, classify and translate in an audit of the current state of the company on social networks. This point is very important to determine the first improvements in the work that will make the community manager.
  3. Strategy 2.0: A senior manager community does not begin to publish anything without finishing one social media plan consistent with the average social objectives and understood by the client or higher within the company. This is the key tool for the smooth running of a company on social networks. Here things as important as the KPI’s (performance indices), publishing schedule, study of competition, resources that are available are contemplated among others.
  4. “Content manager” complete: A more senior profile dominates all content production techniques: writing, photo editing, computer graphics, even video management online contests and sweepstakes.
  5. Empathy with the community: Here come such important tasks as answering time fans, closer to business goals, connect with them by producing content, deal with the “trolls” and the management of potential crises reputation of a brand.
  6. Managers “social ads” advertising campaigns on social networks (ads facebook or ads twitter for example) are becoming increasingly important for companies. Gradually you will understand that they are a good way of generating business and sometimes a good complement to google adwords campaigns.
  7. Measurement and reporting: A senior community manager is a good analyst also understands the important metrics to know proyectoy the report so that it is understood. Within this comes the management of measurement and reporting tools (hootsuite, SocialBro ..).
  8. Customer Relationship / senior: A senior manager of social networks can defend slack work, it becomes understand when you need some company, relates well with other departments and incuse knows how to deal with objections and drawbacks of external people to work daily.

As you can see, the community good managers are required and there is much more to meet new requirements to achieve clear differentiation that starting in the profession.

You see these requirements correct? I left some important?

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