Social Media Manager and Community Manager: Two distinct profiles

Social Media Manager and Community Manager: Two distinct profiles

In the new era of social media, we can figure completer two outstanding professionals such as Social Media Manager and Community Manager, but how do they differ from each other? Various professionals provide their opinions on this aspect throwing interesting details and conclusions.

When asked about the definition of both profiles, Rachel Strella, General Director of Central PA Webster, specializing in the management of social media company, he said that the ‘Social Media Manager’ is the one who takes the lead in managing overall efforts of the company in the media and social networks, which may include writing or publishing content, checking accounts and reporting to assess ROI.

In the case of Tim McDonald, an administrator of a popular online community in the city of Chicago, its definition on this professional profile, encompassing the figure responsible for the creation of specific content of a product and the realization of a strategy through social networks, monitoring and creating a commitment to users to achieve the objectives of a specific campaign.

Social Media Manager and Community Manager Two distinct profilesAsked about whether management varies from a small company against a large, Strella no doubt in saying so, because a company may want staff to handle various specific aspects of online marketing and social media, while an SME only He wants to have effective presence in one or two channels.McDonald supports this statement and adds that in business, you can not create or develop content strategy, for it is marked.

As for the ‘Community Manager’, Strella explains that this professional profile fits the professional upon which rests the responsibility for the management of a particular community or business platform, where they listen, be the voice of the brand and obtain the commitment and participation of its members are the main target. His work is much more specific and focused on certain aspects of online communication, differing from a Social Media Manager that the latter can manage various aspects of online marketing strategy.

McDonald meanwhile defined briefly and concisely, stating that “the Community Manager uses online networks to be the voice of the company within the community, and the voice of the community in the company.”

They were also asked this time, if the figure of the Community Manager varies depending on the size of the company for which they can come to work. Something about what Strella answered affirmatively since also a small company should not hire a Community Manager but rather a Social Media Manager, both by the level of complexity as the usual limited financial resources of such small negocioso Business.

McDonald meanwhile explains that while there are similarities, the Community Manager of a small business is more likely to use more tools and have to respond directly to questions from the community. In the case of large companies, these professionals receive responses and strategic guidelines by managers or management groups.

As general conclusions, Strella showed that the functions of Social Media Manager  requires many skills such as time management, organization, flexibility and a delicate balance between creativity and structure. An organization looking to hire someone to manage the social media should not only value that is “young” and hyperactive, but really understand what role does Social Media Marketing in the puzzle of marketing and can manage itself and your time effectively.

McDonald meanwhile from his role as Community Manager, emphasized that the main difference between this and the Social Media Manager is that the former are more empathetic to be the voice of the community.

“A Community Manager is like a shepherd, and the community as a flock of sheep.” With this comparison, McDonald explained the objectives of this professional because “the shepherd his flock serves and lives among the sheep, but is not one of them. Promote a healthy environment allowing its members to resolve their conflicts without harming each other, keeping them all together and expandability increasing more and more, while they are protected.”

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