The average Social and dominance of women in the roles of Community Manager

The average Social and dominance of women in the roles of Community Manager

The hard and arduous negotiations born sturdy profiles with weight wiles are transformed under a veil of strategies that are based on psychology and feminine empathy

Working in social and digital media means more than ever understanding people. According to the Community Manager SocialFresh Report 2013 61% of social networking managers are women. Another interesting thing to note is that 64% of CM’s work more than 40 hours per week, and 24% over 50 hours per week.

The average Social and dominance of women in the roles of Community ManagerMost will agree that if something women have left over are qualities such as empathy, ease for word, and management of the environment through aggressive elaborate psychological -less plans which are born in our minds naturally. Not to mention the innate charms gently wake guiding our negotiations toward a more relaxed, mellowed and conducive environment for achieving positive. Now this article for more to be seen on a particular genre is not intended to detract from the virtues of the other gender but simply understand more female role in a specific role in the business world.Hence, the following question:

What makes us be as good in managing social networks?

First an important dimension. The role of manager of social networks not hovering only constant presence in social networks or forums but has other functions such as positioning the product or service and its correct understanding by the target audience, which requires customer , sales momentum and brand.

My interest is not to mention the features that should have a Community Manager but share a first approach to feminine qualities which are conducive to the role of Community Manager.

Multiple tasks simultaneously

The hunter man, woman mother, those were the roles if we go back to our origins and review the evolution from the point of view of anthropology.The female for her role as mother has developed qualities such as effectiveness in performing simultaneous tasks born during their labors care for their young. Social networks require diversity of content, immediacy of response and persistence and insistence. Like the men developed a focus on a role as is the approach of the dam and waiting for the right time, women tend to production activity and constant attention multitasking.

Creativity in processes

Creativity has always been related to children, and most irrational part of our brain as creative process demands the release of rational assumptions that limit our thinking to reduce it to common standards. The female tendency to be an expert in the relationship with children have kept more in touch with the naivete, innocence and childlike imagination. Piccaso us recall the words of “Tarde four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to do as a child”

Global thinking

Thinking out of the line in a broader and global levels. A fairly related to the multiplicity of tasks given point being so large and varied spectrum of tasks to be performed causes equally in this case women generate strategies or processes that allow it to cover the entirety of the problem in order to optimize their time and resources.

linear thinking

The drama often led to parody in the media as the female tendency to think medium and long term is a very useful quality in positions that require strategies that strengthen and evolve over time. It is commonly known women’s ambition to create stable scenarios, a quality that should be, rather than feared, admired entrepreneurs. The goal is not paralysis after stability but adrenaline and persistence invested in the search for the consolidation of what we work.

Vision, intuition and containment

This point could relate global thinking since the woman is not limited to creating a strategy but we are experts visionary of the consequences. We see the danger, weaknesses or critical points with tremendous ease. The forecast events ahead of time is a very useful quality in terms of interaction with people because it allows us to develop ahead of re-active actions and not just limit ourselves to pro-active.

Acceptance of the expression of emotional (Empathy)

Finally, emotions, ironically often come to the fore as the critical point of women and their weakness, now, in social networks can be considered their strength. Women are accustomed to dealing with the emotions of others, we are not afraid but rather learn from an early age how to react to different situations purely emotional charge. In social networks, diplomacy and containment of these situations are crucial in establishing a relationship with our customers or potential customers. On the other hand, the question coldness of the online media should be compensated with a higher plus emotionality.

Finally I leave a very interesting phrase and so all also reflect on what qualities we really endow strength:

“The tenderness and kindness to others are not signs of weakness or despair, but manifestations of strength and determination.” Gibran Kahlil Gibran

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