I want to be in social networks, but do not know where to start

I want to be in social networks, but do not know where to start

This is a question that will surely ate the head for months before finally deciding to enter this exciting world of social media marketing. Where do you start? What should be your first steps? How lantern to find those new customers that everyone promises you’re gonna get? 

Often the main goal is to generate new customers, contacts, relationships and a lot of new things. All new. Of course! Overall, this social networking is not characterized by its novelty? 

I want to be in social networks, but do not know where to startIf your business has already been underway for some time, and before you launch to find new customers, I ask one question: 

And what about your Current customers? 

Do those who have already bought your product, you have experienced with your services, they already have an opinion about you, your company, your product? 

What will you do with them? 

Generally, if your business is already underway, then your customers come to buy when they need your product or service, right ?. Perhaps some come once every two months, once every other month, others more often, but usually they come to you when they need you. The decision is on the side of them, right? 

Is there something you can do to make it different? 

I mean, do you think you can get more out and return to your current client, that people who already know you ? I mention it because the cost of acquiring a new customer is generally high. Have many things to investigate, to analyze, strategies to develop and actions that should start to do so, as this issue starting to promote your business on social networks. So what can you do? 

What if ‘ll create your first community around of those people who already know you? If I shopped how to know more, asking themabout the things they like, how they use your product that you think the customer your service, your prices, and many other things you could ask? 

And if based on all that information could you develop content that would be interesting for them, not necessarily talk about your products (since they already know you) but show a deep interest on your part to get to know more and interact with them, do not you think could represent ? a valuable opportunity for your company ‘ll raise some ideas you can implement to “sharpen” (ie better performance) to those customers who already have and buy your products: 1. Take a survey to gather information about your current customers, their contact information, their hobbies, interests, hobbies, preferences, opinion about your product, in short, everything that can help you serve them better. 2. with that information, builds a database, remembering that to comply with current legislation must ensure have asked your permission to use this personal data and communicate with them. As your customers are and you know you should not have much trouble. 3. Make use of traditional tools to communicate with them: advertisements sent by regular mail, product catalogs with special offers. Be available to them, so you never think of your competition.4. If you want to save money, you have use of digital tools, like email marketing, to prepare newsletters where you can talk about those topics that interest you your customers (you remember you did a survey at thebeginning, right?) to get started in social networks, type facebook, twitter, etc. focus your efforts to get closer to these customers who already know you. 

And make your community around your current customers!

Socialize with them, get close to them, share with them issues that are relevant to them, make them come to your business to buy other products that might make them miss, send them offers that may result in an impulse buy or make promotions to recommend your company to their friends and acquaintances. But stay there, at his side, to serve them , serve them and share with them content of interest . That way, they themselves can help you get new customers and then both you and them will be very happy and will be benefits for everyone. You do not have to run out and find new customers. Use social media to get more out of the customers you already have and build your first community around them. It will be much easier to develop your social media presence, starting here. Do not you think?

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