The social media related professions might be obsolete in 10 years

The digital revolution and the emergence of social networks the need for professionals who can manage these new tools emerged.

Hence arose experts who possessed the gift to dominate these new and unknown technological beasts. The figure of the Community Manager fashion had its time, and remains one of the most popular, along with other digital profiles, such as Social Media Manager or Social Media Strategist.

The social media related professions might be obsolete in 10 yearsInstead, this situation will not be maintained forever. In fact, it could have their days, as shown in the study conducted by Workopolis, who premoniza to work posts specialized in Social Media in a period not exceeding 10 years.

And in a sense it makes sense. Technological democratization has led to a better understanding of it by users, allowing anyone to have free access to the media, and use them daily. This digital literacy will to end the managers of community and related social professions. This does not mean that no longer need proper care online presence of a brand, but any communications professional is fully qualified to do so, will be another of their usual functions, without the need to proclaim himself as an expert in the field.

This requires professionals Social Media to keep fully up to date, and develop other skills, in addition to knowing how to manage an account on Facebook or Twitter.

A lack already manifested today. According to the study published by the OMI (Online Marketing Institute), 7 out of 10 marketers think your department could improve on some digital areas.

One of the most valued qualities among professionals is digital analytical capacity, an area where only 39% of respondents felt that their employees really stand out. Also, if we focus on the areas of mobile marketing or marketing automation, this degree of confidence declines to 29%. Conclusions that are consistent with the view expressed by Tara Talbot, vice president of HR at Workopolis, who said that the skills most valued by companies will be those related to analytics, mobile applications and proficiency in a second language.

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