Social networks are much more than communication, are Conversation

Social networks are much more than communication, are Conversation

Social networks are roads where callers can talk. The latter action, talking, it seems that many users have ignored completely.

When our interest moved up accounts that generate more excitement, we see that the essence of communication in the social network disappears almost completely.

In the case of the marks are own community managers responsible for change or straighten this trend. Many of the most famous brands vary their conception of communication with the agency they work for, even denoting course changes as the person in charge that day. Currently though it may seem inconceivable to many large agencies working for big brands do not set a roadmap, but three or four patterns type to manage social networks. No communication policy and much less predefined digital communication strategy to avoid gaffes day.

Social networks are much more than communication, are ConversationIt is in the personal profiles where this trend to lack of conversation becomes even more evident. Where the ego of the characters leaves not see beyond your TimeLine. Here in 90% of cases it is immaterial whether the account is handled directly by the character by the community manager on duty. Give an anonymous person the power to speak as a known person and have the largest digital ego you can find.

We all know cases of community manager in charge of major accounts up to them the importance and come up with outputs of constant pitch and out of place. This often happens with brands and sure we come close cases in spurts in mind. But after all, the rude communication of a brand does not cease to be a person behind a brand. Our intellect tells us that behind this brand there is a shift #PocasLuces that sooner or later eventually disappear and with it the brand amending their mistakes. We can come to demonize a brand for the actions of a third party, but it is rare that our mind does not differentiate between personal action and digital brand. (Always speaking only digital actions, not by adding the set of all negative actions that can reach different entities commit brand)

But in personal cases , this situation is quite different. Know or not the existence of a third behind a personal account, we will always tend to think that behind this account really is a person and therefore we will customize who represents. This means that if the account behind Iker Casillas there working one community manager, the vast majority of fans believe that their actions are performed by Iker own. For our most logical mind is to think that behind a Personal Account is a person and that is herself. It’s not the same to talk with an account brand like Real Madrid as a personal account of the example of his captain Iker Casillas. So mistakes through this personal account if demonize directly represented on the profile.

Taking these points clear we can proceed to represent the current problem of a large part of professional personal accounts. Many digital marketing professionals are especially irritated with the lack of communication in social networks. However, as in many other facets, one thing is that what is enacted and another what you do. As the CEO of digital marketing reiterate again and again that the social network is to communicate in conversations, their community managers foot ignore these indications. Using the social network by 85% to communicate, to listen 10% and 5% to generate engagement or reciprocity. It tends to talk too much, talk little and listen to almost anything.

Even many and many have not assimilated the magic of the social network is communication. Not reach thousands or millions of followers. Most likely an ad on television or advertising will have a lot more viewers than a tweet even if you are the Coca-Cola herself.

By the Professional Staff section this lack of conversation becomes even more palpable and insufferable. Especially when we refer to figures who are more accustomed to talking than listening. Or marketing professionals that under a digital mask acquire a leading role in any other way or have dreamed of achieving in their lives. And these Community Manager and Famous Celebrities are how says Emilio Lasted , motivated fools; which in his words is the worst thing you can find. With a suggestive profile you will not take too long to see how recognized Community Manager cast Sportsmen very famous cane using their skills ?. their skills motivated fools.

No matter how famous you can be a social networking profile, if you have decided to be there, it is to talk with your fans. Think of it as an extension of when the stars answered letters from their fans. With a difference if you do not here you can turn your fun internet account in hell. And we all know how much famous that after a crisis in social networks have decided to no answer and flee from them. But this is not the solution, unless you want to go live on a deserted beach, disconnect from the world and let the network of networks follow its natural course.

The solution is effectively professionalize the management of these accounts, which is not the same as abandoning or derive them. We must remember that the magic of social networks is the ability to make conversation, if we kill this wonderful utility are eliminating most of differential value of this communication channel. Because social networks are much more than communication, they are conversation.

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