How to Control Allergies in the Workplace?

Allergy sufferers are not strangers to the regular fit of sneezes, coughs and watery eye problems in the workplace. Many people assume that allergies are only active during the spring and summer months, but that is incorrect. Allergies occur throughout the year and are not only caused by airborne pollen particles. If you suffer from allergies, it can lessen productivity and focus in the workplace. No matter if you work in an office, a retail store or out in a construction site – allergies can strike anytime, anywhere.

How to Control Allergies in the Workplace

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Here are some of the most effective ways to help you control your allergies and improve productivity at work:

Allergy Medication

There are no heroes when it comes to allergies. Don’t let your allergies make you feel miserable at work, or at home. Finding an appropriate and effective allergy medicine can do wonders. You may want to avoid certain antihistamine medications though, since these tend to cause drowsiness which could result in you taking a nap right in the middle of the office. Choose an option that eases symptoms but will not make you feel tired in the process.

Clean Ducts and Ventilation Systems

If the building’s ductwork system hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, you can bet your life on it that there is a great deal of clogged up dirt particles in the filters. This means that instead of ensuring clean air is circulated within the premises, the air becomes contaminated. Dust particles in the air can trigger allergy symptoms, which is why it is advised to have a Manchester Duct Cleaning company such as inspect, clean and maintain your ducts and vents on a regular basis to ensure quality indoor air supply at all times.

Control Dust Mites

As you are probably well aware, dust particles tend to cling to fabrics such as carpet fibres. This will eventually lead to the presence of dust mites. According to Entrepreneur, these mites can be carried into the office from our clothing, which could have tiny eggs clinging to the fabric. Ensuring that the carpets and upholstered furniture are kept clean will help control the presence of dust mites in the workplace.

Decrease Animal Allergens

Whether or not you are a dog or cat person, pet hair tends to trigger common allergy symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes. Pet hair clings to our clothes and is carried into the building right along with us. Even if you don’t have any pets at home, your allergies may still be triggered by those around you. This can be avoided by encouraging employees to remove hair with a handy hair removal roller.

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