We should not do different things, we must do other things

We should not do different things, we must do other things

In marketing all goes to a hellish pace. Everything evolves quickly and almost imperceptibly as we are not very attentive. That is why I would like us to change our understanding that the sale of products services, due to market developments.

A company that claims to have a positive impact on the market needs to be continuous to answer questions and make decisions, who is my client? What? What profile has needs must attend and how? Are the most traditional questions to which all we turn to market our products and services?

We should not do different things, we must do other thingsI sincerely believe that those questions do not add much value to marketing today. We must change to offer different answers questions that really are what the customer will appreciate as distinct, for example:

  • We should not ask that we sell, but we provide solutions
  • Not only should ask what is the profile of our client, but because expectations have in solving their problems
  • We should not ah lard vendors or commercial, but troubleshooters, yet indicating that change of role
  • We should not raise product design, without more, but we must integrate the products and services as part of the solution provided
  • They are meeting the expectations of customers our true mission from marketing, not selling products or services
  • Our value proposition, the solutions that we offer must be able to be customized according to the symptoms each client
  • should not ask for customer information, it must compensate the customer for give us knowledge about it. The idea is not to standardize solutions but customize and take this implies changes in ways of relating with customers
  • Marketing plans have to change its content and its mission. They must articulate all actions that target this new relationship with the client, so that the concepts of segmentation have other criteria and another methodology to create unique customer segments
  • Regardless of the products we sell, this change of direction to marketing makes real competitive advantages the we locate to more sustainable and stable over time in ancillary services relating to product and really be the important component of the solution that we market
  • We have to look at the world of marketing since, more complete more generic perspectives, with more variables to and understand much better than we require the customer to their satisfaction, the real, we should not raise only get the customer to be satisfied with the purchase of a product or service
  • In marketing companies must from a role with partners to share customer and not provider items. This role change indicate better ways to reach the customer and greater loyalty
  • The verdeara commercial network must be satisfied customers. This will allow an increase in sales, a reduction of commercial structures and therefore increased profitability for the company.

With what I propose to attempt it is necessary to look for another way to market, from another perspective and that another way of looking is a product that customers have other needs as announced new behaviors and values is what I think it looks indicated much this new look. Through this other way to serve the markets will undoubtedly generate more powerful competitive advantage and allow us to have a much more competitive market position.

It is time to rethink our trade mission and how to serve customers that will mean that traditional way of understanding tools sales, marketing plans, and training of commercial networks, ways to segment, etc. They cease to be useful if you are not reset for the new utilities now required. It’s not about doing different things in marketing, now you need to do other things.

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