20 Ideas for a Successful Social Media Strategy for Your Business

20 Ideas for a Successful Social Media Strategy for Your Business

Having a social media strategy is much more than just having an account on facebook and promote your products and services with friends.

In fact, if you do not have a plan, such practices can have the opposite effect because before you know it can end up making what is known as autobomobo, i.e. excessive promotion of your business, which ends up being very rude (even for friends) and only achieved that even they no longer see your posts and causing the opposite effect you want.

So if you’re thinking seriously about having a social media strategy, and achieve better results in sales and marketing of your company, here are some ideas you should implement:

1. Prepare a plan

Do not take the issue of social networks lightly. Get trained in the subject, learn more and begin to prepare a plan that gives you results in the short, medium and long term.

2. Assign the job to one person in the company

To be functional, the social media plan requires commitment of time and it is therefore recommended that this responsibility is to appoint someone who can and know how.

3. Select the social networks to work

There are hundreds of social networks so you do not pretend to cover them all. In fact the approach is the best strategy. Choose which social networks you are more comfortable working and learning about other sees expanding your schemes to go. Start with 2 or 3 is sufficient at first.

4. Create a page on Facebook

Facebook is the fastest growing social network so it should definitely be your choice but do not work with your personal profile, created a page on Facebook with all identity of your business so that your followers will clearly identify.

5. Create a profile on Twitter

Twitter is a favorite of young people so do not underestimate this market. Create your profile and linking your facebook publications as well will double the range of your publications.

6. Create a blog

For you did not know, blogs are also social networks and are very valuable to your brand and your business in the search engines. If you do not know much about blogs I recommend my site where you will learn all about this important resource.

7. Create a profile on Linkedin

LinkedIn is the social network for businesses and professionals. Here you can get lots of business contacts, people interested in products and services, training resources and even recruit staff for your business. Create a profile to the virtual world and opens the doors of your business.

8. Work on creating content, not advertising

People are not interested in advertising your business. People look interesting, entertaining and valuable information. Focus all your energies and resources on creating content that will appeal to your followers to your social networks.

9. Write regularly

Your posts should be daily. At least 2 or 3 is recommended daily publications in your main social networks. This will keep the bond with your fans and help expand the number of people who follow you.

10. Organize a contest

Contests love people. You can offer an attractive prize that will surely move your current followers to make your content more dynamic and attract more contacts. There are several applications to organize these competitions in social networks.

11. Keep communicating with your followers

It is important to maintain good communication with the followers of your networks. Responds to inquiries, welcomes your comments and very importantly, proactively answer the complaints that may arise.

12. Transmits humorous

This is a very convenient strategy that appeals to people. Occasionally publishes things that invite to laugh and be shared without your site to become a place of jokes.

13. Allow discussions

If your site becomes a forum open to productive discussions, this is also very good for your marketing. Allows occasionally can debate an issue, this will help people create more interest and remain “engaged”.

14. Incorporate your blog articles

Invite your social media followers to see your posts from your blog and vice versa. This interaction contributes to natural positioning that ultimately attract more visitors from search engines.

15. Think and speak with images

People like the images because they are easier to digest for the mind. Try to generate content with photographs and drawings and see how are liked by your followers.

16. Hire social media advertising

Over time, considering buying advertising on social networks either using Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. They are very effective especially if you already have a strategy.

17. Considers it possible to hire a Community Manager

When you’ve grown and have sufficient flow of content and followers, seriously consider assigning this task for a manager dedicated to social networking or Community Manager who will be responsible for servicing dedicated to all your resources.

18. Imagine a reading your social media contact by chance

This exercise will allow you to see if your content, image and focus are those who really want to light your strategy or re-focus them if necessary.

19. Create video content

Although it requires a little more time, planning and ingenuity, videos posted on social networks can have a very positive effect to grow your following.

20. Analyze your results

Create and publish content is one thing and measure your results is another. In fact this science has a name and is analytical. That is to constantly measure your statistics and observe the behavior of your publications Vs. growth that generates you to further improve and focus your efforts and determine if you’re on the right track to achieve your goals.

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