79% of SMEs are clear that their website is the central pillar of its strategy

When promote your business online, SMEs are favoring external strategies, rather than strengthen your own site.

The study indicates that average Browser only half of the companies commitment to content marketing (52%) or inbound marketing (35%) in its strategy, while 91% develop an active presence in Social Media.

79% of SMEs are clear that their website is the central pillar of its strategyAccording to the data, made from a survey of 188 small and medium enterprises in the UK, these organizations seem to be more concerned with the image they convey abroad, than working your own site and take advantage of playing at home. Social networks are listed as priority for the companies surveyed. Almost all of them (91%) invests in Social Media Marketing. Meanwhile, the e-mail marketing is in second place (89%), leaving search engine optimization in third place (79%).

Although the survey reveals that his main challenge is based on Social Media, 79% of these companies are clear that their website is the central pillar of its strategy. A fact that contrasts with their actions. Only 43% work to improve their web visibility, or develops actions to attract traffic to your site. Although 79% invested in web positioning, clearly these actions are not enough, given that just over a quarter (28%) are satisfied with the position that your site ranks your page on Google.

How do these companies manage their online marketing strategy?

Mostly (69%), these companies manage internally their online marketing strategy. Although it should be noted that companies that outsource this service are more satisfied with the results of their online actions. 31% of them has the support of specialized agencies for development and implementation of any part of your online marketing plan.

Definitely, small and medium enterprises are aware of the need to develop an online presence, but probably need to rethink their priorities, and make a proper distribution of their preferred investment objectives.

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