The new Apple TV with Siri and application store points to a September launch

The new Apple TV with Siri and application store points to a September launch

September usually means in the world of consumer electronics basically three things: “back to school”, new launches in Berlin within the IFA and Apple event to announce new iPhone at least. This year, according to 9to5Mac, this presentation would have another guest over: a new Apple TV.

So from this reference site to find reliable rumors about Apple point sounds like. The new Apple TV would arrive with a new design that would make it thinner than the current but not turn into a HDMI stick so fashionable, updated hardware and IOS 9 as the primary operating system. Not the same, including smartphones and tablet, but would be based on it and open many more possibilities today for the set-top box Apple.

The expected application store for the Apple TV

Of hardware developments expected for the new Apple TV, a microphone to allow the use of Siri is the most logical. Able to ask loudly that the streamer of content play a specific title from our catalog or to conduct searches in the online store seems almost necessary at this stage of the game.

Improve the system of searches is something as essential for a new Apple TV if you want to compete with other streamers of content that have been improving year after year. The contents do not come from a single source or a few, so easily able to filter is a must. Among the options that should give us would be both content and applications, because for months there has been talk of a much more ambitious operating system, based on iOS 9 and its own SDK, opening up possibilities of Apple TV for applications, especially related with entertainment and games.

The other big question to resolve a hardware level is the internal memory. It is assumed that substantially improve RAM and processor (although it seems unlikely to reach the 4K for now) but what about the internal memory? If you get an application store you will need to start thinking about even several models, but we fear that no extensions or USB ports to open the Apple TV.

New design, Siri, new leadership and especially a mature operating system rely on IOS 9 that’s what we expect from the new Apple TV

Although it would be logical that the new Apple TV happened to be used primarily with a smartphone as a remote control, the rumors in recent months placed the main focus on a new controller with more tactile controls allow proper management of the greater possibilities that we let this next Apple TV.

The basis for better control technology would be in Force Touch, probably used to configure a touchpad on the controller itself, which integrate both infrared connectivity as Bluetooth.

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