This mirror follows the light coming through a window to illuminate another room

This mirror follows the light coming through a window to illuminate another room

I do not think there’s anything more comforting in a home stay that natural light is present everywhere. I do not speak of that light and blind choking midsummer at midday. I speak of the rays in autumn or winter received with open arms. But what happens if we have areas where you can not get natural light or windows directly there is not?
The solution could be Lucy. I speak not of Scarlett Johansson with an overgrown brain but an automated mirror that has created an Italian study and already you can buy for $ 200, while the shipment is not made until 2016. His promise is simple: to bring sunlight corners dark house without us to be aware of move.

A mirror that follows the sun

Compact and very well designed Solenica Lucy is a spherical mirror suitably protected and placed in an area of direct sunlight, is able to send the light into another room or area of the house to them. According to its creators Lucy It is able to properly illuminate a room of 25 square meters thanks to 7000 lumens maximum redirected.

The most interesting Solenica system is that everything is automated. Do not move the mirror as the day progresses. He himself is in charge of following the sun through sensors that measure ambient light and sending commands to a motor that move the mirror. And can you guess what the team feeds? Exactly, with solar panels. It could not be otherwise.

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