The Business of Being a Good Commercial and how to become a Commercial 2.0

The Business of Being a Good Commercial and how to become a Commercial 2.0

We always talk about starting a business when we refer to mount a shop, opening a coffee shop or a franchise. But often we forget the main thing in business, that is sales. Attract customers to your business is essential to work.

As a general rule, we believe entrepreneurs start a business and start working on the first day. But we forget that being an entrepreneur and start having success will depend on the daily work we do for attracting new customers and keeping the ones we go getting.

How is this achieved

Simple, yet complicated. To achieve this we must work the commercial side of our business. Sales and marketing. And I do not mean just good advertising campaigns for my business. I mean networking, email marketing, attraction marketing and all these terms that seem to begin to create gradually but are nothing more than knowing how to use well the tools of marketing to get more sales.

For the person who knows how to use these tools well, I thought a good name that is very well defined and Commercial 2.0 people using traditional sales techniques with new technologies. And that helps them achieve their goals much more rapidly and adapt to new times.

Who can become a commercial 2.0 and what business is it useful?

When we talk about trade, as someone may think “As I have a stationery, to me that I do not need” and is not. All businesses need a good business, sometimes someone is hired for the task, but sometimes it’s the same owner or manager. And not mean going door to door selling magazines your kiosk. Trade plays a good marketing efforts, to attract customers to the business. Whether cold calls, email or being sympathetic and providing customer value.

Therefore, I said that, we can say that a Trade 2.0 can be anyone who wants. But you must have an incredible desire to improve their business skills and applying new techniques and tools to work.

In addition, it can be used in almost all businesses. For example: physical stores, online stores, blogs, coaches and trainers, even people who already work for normal business and want to improve their results. Anyone who wants to attract more customers can be a good business and become 2.0.
What it is a commercial 2.0?

We talked about trade 2.0 when a person uses more tools than just cold calls or telemarketing to arrange visits and attract customers.

Currently it is absolutely necessary to implement new marketing tools we have at our disposal with internet. Since the rate that the world moves today, if we do not adapt, we will lose potential business opportunities. And so a commercial 2.0

What tools you should be able to use a commercial 2.0?

Learn, read and have good will is beginning to become a commercial 2.0. But we must also change certain forms of atufar and working. Especially to improve productivity and maximize results. For this is not a mess, I have prepared a list of the tools you need to know to use a commercial 2.0 to start:

  • Email marketing to keep in touch with your customers and potential customers. As the essential tool to attract more customers. Why? Because email is a message that lasts, you read well written and takes an impressive importance compared to other media. Currently there are very simple and even free tools that offer this possibility and you could start it to use now.
  • Having a blog: It looks complicated but a person use his knowledge to help others while creating confidence in what you do, it is essential to generate the security checkpoint looking for a customer. And this is done very well with a personal blog or a blog for your business.
  • Mobile productivity tools: In addition to using only applications to attract customers as a blog or email marketing, I recommend that you start using productivity applications to improve more than the time you spend to organize, for example. You can use tools to manage your appointments, which is a very intuitive calendar that I use for its user. You can also use, which is free to manage tasks you have to do and you’ve already completed, it is very simple to use and will serve as board so you do not leave anything to be done or any customer to visit.
  • Count what you do: I do not speak business accounting, but accounting clients. You need to know what you do and how you currently do, measure what you do in the future to know what you have to do to improve results.

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