Social media? Keep it clear, need much work, commitment and patience

Social media? Keep it clear, need much work, commitment and patience

Many companies want to jump into the world of social media, but are not prepared, or simply are not made aware of what they should actually do them. Often they make simple mistakes, but greatly hurt generating a marketing strategy that only obtain mediocre or negative results, and even zero.

To do this, companies wishing to venture into this world 2.0 media and social networks, must first and give big step, consider whether they are really prepared for it, and if they attempt, they have the true conviction work constantly in the good way.

Start by thinking that although your website is not optimal or maintain minimum quality, possibly any social media strategy will be ineffective. We have seen websites often poorly assembled, functional and even some that do not favor in any way the SEO. Social media, to really improve our marketing efforts, must be integrated into a viable, simple website, you have shareable content and optimized for search engines.

Social media Keep it clear, need much work, commitment and patienceMany are released to social networks without having a web well mounted, and the result is often catastrophic. The best, we split, we improve the web and once seated, yes there begin to venture into the world of social media.

Constancia, Implication and will. The social media will not be a panacea without real will and real involvement. If you do not invest any personal effort in this regard, nor social media can do for your business or company. All levels of business should be involved managers and employees in all actions and strategies implemented in order to build better relationships that can help improve the perception of our brand and our own online reputation.

Consistency is certainly one of the most underrated in any strategy the average Social values. Let’s start by being aware that impatience is our worst enemy. The results will not be imminent, but it will be the record itself and the ongoing work that makes us pick fruit in the medium term. If your business aims to invest in the Social Media, I have it clear; you need a lot of work and patience.

Personal and professional. Often it happens that companies want to hire a person to make it responsible for managing different accounts, profiles or pages of social networks, but once you have it , leave it alone and abandoned its strategy. It is true that it may devolve responsibility for implementing our actions, but domestic support is essential for things can be done well and be successful.

We must be aware that a professional in charge of the management of our social strategy is not simply a worker with knowledge of the matter. We must also be aware of the values of our company or brand, which at the end of the day is represented.

Facebook is not the only option. Yes, everyone wants to be on Facebook, because the vast majority of people are there. But what about the other networks? Each company and sector has a specific niche and every action we want to perform; it may be more beneficial depending on one or another platform. Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, … each may offer different features and benefits.

Use multiple platforms simultaneously can be positive, but we must know what are the best suited to each type of action and target. We tend to forget social networks thematic or specialized by sector, as these are precisely those that many times we will report better results.

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