When communications and marketing do not work, not rid all

When communications and marketing do not work, not rid all

There are few occasions where we have seen that the leaders of an organization are critical of the department of communications and / or marketing. Why? Because they do not generate the expected results ..

Then they begin to surface ideas like “you have to change the whole department,” “better to outsource everything”, “we have people who take time here and the results are not seen”, “we know that our people communications and marketing have skills, but we do not see results in the organization “,” social networks have many fans but do not increase us sales “,” events are very expensive and do not report us sales”, “we are spending millions on advertising and is thrown away money.”

When communications and marketing do not work, not rid allThus it committed, in my view, a serious error. an external consultant or even a new department head that comes with their own ideas and given -a little concern, one by the annoyance powers to make big changes are hired.Changes of equipment, people, websites, graphics, everything. And then paradoxically, things are not better but worse.

Because the rhythm is lost. Because people who for years have been part of this process feel threatened and suffer. Because elements are good. Because an adverse and rare climate is generated. Because the focus is lost. Because it is much more expensive!

I’m not saying that this always happens, but we know that it has occurred often enough to notice. Nor do I argue that there is not do anything if there are resources that are not positive. In that case, it is clear that must be changed. But that’s always the case, at all times.

So the conclusion is that the replacement is wrong or marketing is useless and is pure expenditure. And I tell you this I’ve heard sometimes in spaces of trust with managers or executives.

From our experience, what has happened here is that evidence that communication and marketing efforts are simply not aligned with the transcendent purpose or objectives of the organization. In other words, they may have the right equipment but are pointing away as there is a consistent business strategy.

Now, what if we pay attention to who, I mean the strategic audiences. A really know them , understand how they think, how they feel, their decision drivers, their own codes. On the other hand, if by this we determine the empathic message we require to generate each of these hearings and are obviously consistent with our offer. Finally, the communication channels that allows us to come naturally to each audience. I mean, it is unlikely to reach my customers through a golf tournament organizing them if I know that none of them plays golf and likes. This sounds obvious, but is surprised that this has happened!

The problem is not necessarily the quality of resources but of strategy. If we look so easily understand the importance of marketing and communication actions to create value .. And that is an issue that should be very clear the main leader of an organization.

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