Are mobile strategies failing to bring customers to physical stores?

Are mobile strategies failing to bring customers to physical stores?

In the era mobile, companies are able to attract customers to the establishment, using techniques geolocation, local marketing or other strategies or actions through e-mail marketing and social networks to send customized messages and proposals.

In short, countless possibilities in the palm of the hand; although the findings show that retailers are still struggling to direct mobile users to their store. This is indicated by Jason Goldberg, vice president of Razorfish, in an article picked up by Mobile Ecommerce Dialy. According to their statements, the retailers have not yet been able to create mobile strategies that impact the customer at the right time and make them reach the store. Positive results in such actions could be considered as isolated, not a widespread reality. Retailers have not yet found the key to utilize the mobile as a tool that allows them to take your customer to shop effectively.

Are mobile strategies failing to bring customers to physical storesYes it is true that there are cases of retailers who are able to offer an integrated experience through the use of mobile, online generating an interest in buying products then move pick up in the store. Also, local SEO strategies allow stand out above the competition in a time when customers are nearby and actively looking for information and products that your company is able to offer. Instead, actions designed based on geolocation still are not recording the expected results. Retailers are not yet able to deliver the right message at the right time; an incentive that would take them directly to the store and buy the product.

An example of good use of mobile marketing strategy is the case of Target; the mobile application also allows users to search and share their deals on Facebook, thereby increasing the impact of actions, with the added value of the recommendation users themselves. As a result, in 6 months the company has achieved 2 million records.

Apart from the problems to derive physically customers to shop by mobile strategy, these smart devices themselves that have demonstrated their ability to boost online commerce. A recent study by Adroit Digital on purchase intention of customers indicated that 59% of them preferred to buy their gifts online San Valentin, using their mobile devices also. Therefore, users use mobile both for information as to buy, whether or not they fell inside the store. The challenge for companies is to integrate the customer experience across all channels, taking advantage of smart devices to reach them at the right time and get to increase the conversion.

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