Is Search Engine Marketing the new rival for advertising display?

Is Search Engine Marketing the new rival for advertising display?

In recent years, display advertising market has been transformed. Today, different types of organizations of different sizes and backgrounds, are in a good position to introduce marketers attractive offers.

As an independent observer of this trend, it is interesting to see that service providers search engine marketing (SEM) are becoming rivals of the traditional agencies display without even realizing it.

Is Search Engine Marketing the new rival for advertising displayThis is not the first time the search engine marketing companies put their heads in the area of display advertising. Many adopted this business model years ago when the media buying market still lacked maturity and the results were not enough to persuade worthwhile follow.

However, the market for display advertising has experienced significant changes since then, especially with the growth of the exchange markets advertising (ad exchanges) and the ability of marketing managers to buy clearly defined audiences, based on information real-time information about user profiles and context.

Ad exchange model continues to grow with the entry of such important actors as YouTube and Facebook in the past year and a half. This has not only allowed, but has forced SEM agency to place the display at the center of their diversification strategies.

The principles of SEM and display advertising have been converging gradually over time and today these buying patterns are remarkably similar.

For example, search engine marketing is measured with respect to a specific set of results, either a click or a sale. As for the display advertising market, while it has matured, so have their results. Every time they are more likely to be measured and audited, and easier to control. These capabilities have reached such a point that marketers today can attribute the success of a campaign to a combination of factors, not just the last click.

Both sectors rely on similar tools. With the rise of Big Data, media buying is developing successfully through Real Time Bidding (RTB). It is the same technology trade based on algorithms that have been using marketing service providers in Web browsers for years, so they are more likely to accept and work with them than against them.

To this we must add that service providers search marketing are well trained in the language of the customer. After all, they have been negotiating directly with those responsible for budgets throughout his life as experts in SEM. They also have had to learn from the business models of partners, which will be vital to help customers display in the use of appropriate methodology and technology to maximize results.

Of course, EMS agencies have gone through periods of change and diversification, as when Google stopped paying reimbursements to agencies in 2009. These relatively young and agile companies, now aspire to buy more display and seem to be prepared to diversify its business.

Many early users have been encouraged to follow this path drawn by the first signs of success. The results of these campaigns have often exceeded their expectations to unimaginable proportions% u2013hasta six times its most ambitious goals in a recent example. Therefore, this time, search marketers will not just stick your head but will open elbowing step to reach the finish line first.

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