Occupational Health is key for employers

Occupational health and occupational safety combine knowledge, skills, tools, and information from many different fields to form an integrated whole that fosters work-related health and safety. The mission of occupational health and occupational safety is to promote quality of life, improve occupational performance, reduce healthcare costs, while protecting the workers and their families.

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The key elements of the work a Occupational Health Wales company like Insight Occupational Health  does are that an employee should be informed about the nature of a potential hazard on the job and the likelihood of there being a harmful effect. Additionally, employers must establish a procedure for determining who should be notified of potential or existing hazards. Finally, employers are required to provide safe working conditions and to keep workers aware of general rules concerning work related health and safety.

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Occupational Health support might involve looking at the equipment that is used by staff members and making sure that this is fit for purpose as well as looking at any adjustments that may be needed. This could be standing desks for those employees who suffer from back problems or looking at ways a pregnant staff member might need to be supported to be able to safely work during their pregnancy. It could also mean setting up an employee assistance program that gives you staff access to professionals such as legal and financial support and counselling should they need it in the future.

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