McDonald’s also resorts to crowdsourcing in its advertising

McDonald’s also resorts to crowdsourcing in its advertising

McDonald’s universal Big Mac is now forty years old and to commemorate this anniversary, the American firm has known all its customers in the US to present their own advertising spots or their own versions of the well-known jingle of Bic Mac The advertising spot and the winning jingle will be released at the end of July as part of the Advertising campaign to celebrate the four decades of the product.

A qualified jury will decide which advertising spots and finalist jingles will be chosen by the public. through the Internet voting until July 22. As can be seen, one of the companies with the most global popularity has clearly opted for Marketing 2.0 and the crowdsourcing in pure state.

In 1974, Keith Reinhard, honorary president of DDB Worldwide, and his group of creatives from Needham Harper & Steers created the catchy jingle of the Big Mac that recites all the ingredients of the sandwich as if they were a single word. “For 40 years, the Big Mac has been a family favorite not only for our customers in the United States, but also around the world, “said Neil Golden, executive director of marketing for McDonald’s USA.”

To share the pride we feel for our Characteristic sandwich, we invite our customers to have fun and add their own contemporary touch to the famous tongue twister that celebrates the quality ingredients in our iconic sandwich. “It is pleasing to be able to verify as a company of the magnitude of McDonald’s” s opts for a marketing strategy that, in its measure, can be available to firms with much lower resources.

In this way, the Marketing 2.0 comes to be shown again as an effective strategy that triumphs and gains ground for its potential, beyond which developments can be conceived at very low costs.

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