Fans who abandon their brands what are the reasons for this divorce?

Yes, at the beginning everything is very beautiful, the brands paint it all pink to get your love. It’s going to be perfect, you’ll see, ours is special, our love is forever … But, once that brand has captivated you, that you have given it yes and have fully trusted it, everything takes an unexpected turn.

One day you discover that you are not the only person in your life, that you can not offer what you promised, that you have to dedicate yourself to continue conquering other hearts … what a disappointment!

You open your eyes, you see reality, and wrapped in tears, you have no choice but to divorce, end forever that relationship, which was never sincere on their part, there was only selfishness and interest. It is then when, recomposing a little your battered heart, you relieve yourself by unloading against it:

You have disappointed me, you have not corresponded to our love, I trust blindly in you, I believed that ours was real. Now it turns out that your usual practice is to collect unconditional lovers. For those followers will abandon you, as I do, as soon as they discover the deception, if you are not able to contribute something else, they will not remain by your side.

I feel abandoned, I have had enough of giving without receiving anything in return, of waiting for you to give me a token of affection. Your acts of presence were increasingly isolated in time, until you get no response on your part. You do not know how to feed a relationship, keep it updated and alive, in the end you will be left alone.

You are not what I expected. You are empty inside, you lack personality, your life has no meaning. Your actions show that you lack an objective, you do not have a strategy to follow, you only end up sticking blind. You asked for fidelity, but you did not reciprocate. It was not enough with me, you had to keep stealing hearts, and then destroy them. You wanted me to think only about you but I was not the only one in your life. I know you will never change. Your policy of action will continue to be that, it would be better if you did nothing, sooner or later these actions will take their toll, your reputation will be greatly damaged.

You have not given me what you promised me so many times . You were going to fill me with gifts and attentions, that I would always have in the mailbox a detail on your part, full of emotion. It is supposed to be unique and special to you, but soon you have forgotten my existence, you have included me in a distribution list that emits messages without sense or interest.

You have not valued our love. I can assure you that he was pure and sincere, but you have thrown him on the ground. Believe me it will be hard for you to get a faithful follower like me. Many say they are, but when the truth is only a number to swell your figure. I was willing to interact with you, to strengthen our bond and contribute my bit to grow a big family, but that is over forever. You have lost your chance

I will never trust you again. You do not deserve my respect or my support. Definitely, I do not love you anymore. I hope you seriously consider your situation, check that with this type of actions you will not get anywhere and you decide to put yourself in the hands of professionals, who do know what you have to do to have a stable relationship in this world, since You have shown that you are not capable by yourself.

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