Designer brands we’ve all heard of

Designer brands are incredibly popular both in womens and mens clothing and many of the top designers have become household names in fashion. If you are looking to add some designer flair to your mens wardrobe collection then here are some of the designer brands that you will probably have heard of.

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  • Ralph Lauren – with their trademark styling a Mens Ralph Lauren Sweater from EJ Menswear is a must have for any fashion conscious man. The designer creates beautiful items that have a man’s figure in mind. Both stylish and comfortable it is a go to brand for many men looking for both casual wear and professional workwear items.


  • Diesel – this fashion brand has made a name for itself in the worlds of denim, accessories and high end footwear. They have also created a selection of perfumes and aftershaves that have the trademark diesel branding. They are well known for their upbeat and stylish advertising.

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  • Calvin Klein – who doesn’t immediately think of David Beckham and that well known advert when they hear the name Calvin Klein? With a favourite of clothing options available from the fashion brand the luxury brand covers everything from underwear to suits and just like many of the high end fashion houses they also have a fragrance selection.


  • Burberry – this British brand quickly became a global company that matches its English countrymens look with contemporary design features. Just like Diesel their adverts are well known and they encapsulate the English gentleman’s styling with a modern twist very well.

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