The 6 fundamental stages of social enterprise and 2.0

According to the study published by Altimeter Group, becoming a social company is not a thing of a day. To become truly a social entity, companies have to overcome 6 stages, which correspond to the evolutionary stage of the same; Established on the basis of the conclusions drawn by Brian Solis and Charlene Li.

For the study, entitled “The Evolution of Social Business: Six Stages of Social Business Transformation” was the opinion of 700 professionals from Social Media, where 34 of the respondents stated that they considered that their social strategy was related to the Results of the business. According to the authors, the maturity of the company at the social level is linked to how the company develops and evolves as an entity, while providing value and optimizing its impact on the target audience. Thus, we highlight 6 stages, well differentiated:

Planning. In this initial stage, companies must design a strategy, based on a solid analysis of the situation, establishing tangible and easily quantifiable objectives, always adapted to the reality of the company. This strategy will have a plan of action, as well as control points and an adequate monitoring and monitoring. It is the period of active listening, indicated to meet the target audience and learn from other actors in Social Media.

Presence. It is time to take action, to create an effective online presence. It is important to join efforts within the company itself, counting on the support and resources of other departments, such as marketing, communication or customer service. In this way they will have common goals and will have the same metrics.

Commitment. Here the companies are already familiar with the medium, they have already acquired a certain presence and they have begun to become hollow in the mind of its audience. It is time to go a little further and consolidate these incipient relationships; To build a strong community around the brand, based on a stable relationship with users. This is also the time to involve employees, so that they feel an important part of the organization and work for the common good of the brand.

Formalization. At this point of maturity, it is necessary to formalize the management of the activity. To do this, it is recommended to establish a hierarchy, in order to optimize resources, focus the strategy and diversify social activity, depending on the different points of interest.

Strategy. The next level involves a social presence on another level, directly involving the high levels of the company. Thus, it is necessary for executives and department heads to develop their own activity in this environment, so that they can interact from you to you, with their namesake within other business areas, thus promoting other business areas and relations of The company to another scale.

Convergence. It is the culminating moment, desirable by any company in Social Media. It occurs when the total integration of the company is achieved in the social sphere, permeating all its internal areas, to the point that it forms an indissoluble part of its activity. Achieving this state entails the adoption of a social culture and having successfully passed all previous stages.

Which stage is your company in? Do you find it difficult to overcome all the stages?

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