To convince or to seat chair, the difference between selling and loyalty

To convince or to seat chair, the difference between selling and loyalty

It is a common mistake to think that social networks are mere instruments of promotion, actions in social networks must reach equilibrium through interaction and, without a doubt, the art of collaboration and sharing, which makes the difference between Loyalty and sell.

The keys; loyalty more important than selling

  • The power has the consumer, information as the network is ubiquitous so that users are increasingly informed and active in the process of consolidating trends.
  • Sitting chair, based on selling through monologue or using marketing to control the consumer, has ceased to make sense. The most efficient strategies to build customer loyalty are based on the ability to build long-term relationships of reciprocal benefit.
  • It is essential to identify our market niche, only finding what we stand out in providing added value, we will be before a target audience more open to loyalty.
  • The metrics are essential to achieve customer loyalty. Only through the measurement of the statistical data of the evolution of our strategies can we identify improvements in quality, percentage of sales, appropriate segmentation, which allows us to identify exactly our target audience and give them what they look for in us.
  • Another aspect that is not minor is the consolidation of assets with a long-term time horizon, an essential variable in loyalty and that is only achieved through honesty with the brand and customers, quality with the service provided, empathy with our partners strategic, responsibility and proper management of our reputation as a brand.

Marketing plays a decisive role if we seek to build loyalty over sales, the influence of the brand is only achieved through the joint action of actions that meet the needs of the business, customers and partners (win-win)

It seems evident that the action of promoting with the main objective of attracting more traffic and achieving better income is no longer a viable option.

Not in vain, all those brands anchored in the cycle prior to the birth of Google Panda have seen how their business fell hand in hand with the lost reputation; Link farms, duplicate content and promotion without interaction, are the 3 major viruses of the brands that chose to sell through the monologue in search of the constant increase in sales figures.

Conclusions, There is no loyalty without interaction

Today the difference between selling and loyalty is achieved through quality and ability to transform the user into a loyal customer, which is only possible if time and resources are spent on research, to the application of different strategies for interaction with brands and customers and obviously, to the targeting of our strategies according to segmentation and location criteria.

But it is also necessary to remember that the “sale” begins with the first contact with the customer and remains in force while the relationship is active, loyalty is also to get the consolidated customer to recommend our brand.

In short, the keys to achieve loyalty of our target audience are focused on the development (and compliance) of a long-term business plan, planned and focused on sharing, collaborating, believing and trusting, the keys to the new marketing, seeking the horizontal growth of the framework and the constant generation of new opportunities.

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