The industries of the future: Where to invest and undertake?

The industries of the future: Where to invest and undertake?

The big question that all starting entrepreneurs themselves are: “Where should I focus my idea?” And honestly, there seems to be an easy answer. However, while writing this article, we have noticed that there appears to be a number of new concerns or areas where there seems to be some room quite a journey.

The sectors identified by our entrepreneurs are:

The energy sector: In the coming years, polluting sources should make way for cleaner and more efficient energy. On the one hand, the performance of fossil fuels thanks to nanotechnology will be improved, and secondly each, it will become increasingly palpable replacing polluting renewable sources.

Materials: Back nanotechnology will be key in improving new materials that will serve as any element of our daily lives: structures more insulating ability, or more rigid, or that do not emit heat, they revolutionize from the walls of the houses to the notebook batteries. It is proof of the long road that still lies ahead.

Food and natural resources: In such a mature sector such as the food, much remain to be done, especially in terms of export and e-commerce. In a world where food prepared and fast food begins to gain weight on natural, export of fresh and the scanning customer may have the key to success for some chains.

The industries of the future

Internet of things and smart cities: The next step in the digital age called Internet 3.0, or Internet of things, that should have an immediate impact on homes and cities. A lengthy and costly process, but should allow for a common language to all machines, able to interact with each other and with humans almost automatically. Not talking about the era of robots, but of large utilities that will make life much simpler for people: from heat the oven when we’re coming home, to enable street lights based on traffic.

Financial sector: The money is dead. Long live the money! Indeed, the physical money has its days, even credit cards. Mobile devices and payment systems give way to a new era of micropayments made since our smartphone using our bank accounts … or why not, our Paypal ID, Android Market or Apple Appstore. Changes are coming in the sector.

Medicine: The society is aging faster and faster, the result of better treatments and a better quality of life. Because of this situation, the privatization of health begins to stop being a nightmare into something latent. Fortunately, new technologies will lower the cost telemedicine enable a self-check and fast diagnosis for minor illnesses without consulting your doctor. In addition, devices such as the iPhone already have gadgets able to measure our blood pressure or ingested calories all for an iron.

ICT: Although information technology and communications represent the wave present, we cannot ignore that they will continue linked to the sectors of the future, and will need to reach customers. The smartphones, tablets and -proximate- televisions, watches, and smart glasses, will develop from the media where e-commerce, to the creation of tools and applications. In short a sector with further than this and that is saying.

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