SUV Market Set for Explosive Growth in 2016

SUV Market Set for Explosive Growth in 2016

SUV sales have been creeping upwards for years, but recently the market in the UK has truly exploded, with buyer demand being met by a growing supply of new models from almost every manufacturer.

SUV Market Set for Explosive Growth in 2016

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From luxury models like the Porsche Cayenne to more affordable, compact options like the Vauxhall Mokka, SUVs of all shapes, sizes and price points are available at the moment. And this is leading analysts to predict that sales will continue to increase over the course of 2016.

Establishing Dominance

Last year SUVs outsold all other car categories in Europe for the first time in the history of the market, according to figures published by JATO Dynamics.

The same report indicated that the UK is ahead of the game when it comes to SUV adoption, with sales hitting over 630,000 in 2015. And it is not just large models that are making the difference: across Europe small SUV sales were up by 38 per cent, totalling 1.2 million units shipped across the continent.

Compact crossovers from a range of manufacturers, including the likes of the Nissan Juke, are opening up opportunities for buyers with smaller budgets to get an SUV. And so it is easy to see why 2016 is set to be another strong year for this segment.

Impending Launches

Aside from the growing demand for SUVs, sales are likely to rise this year thanks to the influx of new models that fall into this category. And with affordable car leasing in Leicester offered by firms such as, people will be able to jump on board an SUV and take it for a spin whether they want to purchase one in full or not.

Audi’s introduction of the Q2 at next month’s Geneva Motor Show will be a pivotal point for the compact SUV market, since this premium brand’s arrival could put the pressure on its value-oriented competitors.

When it comes to premium brand SUVs, the launch of the Jaguar F-Pace later in the year will be significant, expanding on JLR’s existing range of Range Rover and Land Rover models in style. Add to that the prospect of SUVs from super-car makers, including Lamborghini and Bentley, and it will be hard for anyone to avoid this type of car over the course of 2016.

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