3 Creative Energy Saving Tips for Spring 2016

3 Creative Energy Saving Tips for Spring 2016

You might think that spring is the time when, as the weather starts to warm up, you can begin to relax and not worry so much about saving energy. In fact it’s a good time to start thinking about how you can be more energy efficient so that you’re prepared for when the winter months come around again.

3 Creative Energy Saving Tips for Spring 2016

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Enjoy the Warmth

As the weather gets warmer you’ll have less need to turn on your heating. If things do turn a bit cool you can put on a jumper or move around more. Exercise pumps blood around your body and makes you feel warmer, of course it keeps you fit too and you’re more likely to feel like exercising in the spring.

The spring may also be a time when you turn to thoughts of decorating. This is a good opportunity to make sure your draught proofing is doing its job. When you have doors and windows open to paint, check that the seals are in good condition.

If you’re not using your heating as much it may be a good time to ensure your boiler is in working order. Additionally, companies such as http://www.glowzone.co.uk/boiler_repair_servicing.html who offer boiler repair in Brighton and others elsewhere service many boilers outside of winter and autumn as this allows people to be prepared.

Savour the Atmosphere

Heating isn’t the only way that you burn energy, lighting uses electricity too. Of course you don’t want to sit in the dark, but there are times when it’s good not to turn the lights on. Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner, or take a bath surrounded by tea lights.

There are a lot of myths surrounding whether poor light is bad for your eyes but for some things there’s no doubt you need good lighting. However, even if you do need electric light, to read a book say, try using a reading lamp rather than turning on the main lights.

Ask the Family

Why not turn saving energy into a competition amongst your friends and family? Organise a get-together with things like a raw meal challenge where none of the food needs energy to cook. You could also ask people to come up with their own favourite energy saving tips and offer a small prize for the best one.

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