Make your warehouse more efficient

Make your warehouse more efficient

Increased customer orders are usually the source of business growth for companies that manufacture and distribute goods. Increased orders are not a bad thing. However, it can cause companies to struggle to deliver orders on time or to be overwhelmed by the amount of product they have in their warehouse. This means that now is the time to make your warehouse more effective. Here are five simple ways to make your warehouse more efficient.
1. Stock Keeping Units

It can take longer to locate a particular product if you have a lot of SKUs. Choose custom-made boxes to make it easier to store your products, or consider auto-boxing equipment that can speed up packaging.

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2. Stock levels

Check your inventory levels to see if you are able to meet the customer’s demand. Think about ways to reduce your inventory if you are overstocked or understocked. This will keep your costs low.

3. Packing

You can improve the layout of your warehouse by creating an area to pack up products for distribution. This will increase efficiency. Use pick bins to reduce the time it takes for you to pick up items, shelves at different heights and pallet racks for bulky or larger items. Consider outsourcing with Contract Packing Services from Wyepak

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  1. Packaging

Inefficiency can be caused by using the wrong packaging, or having too many options. Examine the packaging that you use to see if it can be used in multiple ways. Reduce the number of options for packaging. You will save time and improve your packaging processes.

These methods combined will help you improve your warehouse efficiency and allow you to fulfill your customers’ orders quickly, easily, and on time.

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