Business plan of a company of reforms

Business plan of a company of reforms

The scenario has changed a lot in recent years.  We have passed the real estate boom and buoyant demand scenario to a crisis scenario. The key, in this new scenario, rather than specialization, the focus is on specific niches. The elderly, for example, have different needs for singles who have different needs newlyweds, who have different needs a traditional family in which a member of the House is inclined … well have to adjust your focus: it is not the same company for reform that offers speed, quality and commitment that other comprehensive reforms of buildings for condominiums. You cannot go to everyone.

A clear strategy

For reliable, quality, delivery, management of permits, insurance work, price, product variety and wide range of services … Your Company must also have a competitive advantage over the competition.  And you must let them know your customers. It serves, for example, have a special type of paint moisture if not transfer this property to the client, in the budget or business visit; in fact it is advisable to move the product characteristic (paint moisture) to a specific customer benefit (five years without humidity inside your home).

Business plan of a company of reforms


For businesses reforms, you should not forget that the supermarkets offer products (and, in some cases, services) DIY posed a very direct indirect competition. It may interest here, for example, assess whether you can pay your services with private label. You may find a line of business working for large surfaces. It can happen, of course, not interested, but worth it analyze your market research. Opportunities vary from one chain to another and, above all, from one location to another: Maybe in your area of influence has not entered any company.

Environmental analysis

When you broach this point you have an obligation to be as local as you can. We will help find a competitive advantage for your business. An entrepreneur has launched a company in this city that specializes in serving precisely to that niche of people offering a service above average in terms of time and in terms of cleanliness during and after the works.


In this sector must assess the weight of seasonality. This is accentuated the more marked is in the area where going to implement your project, affecting your cash planning, which must conform to a few months where your income may be lower costs and, by extension, the human resources of your company. If the months that have little work are numerous, you should consider hiring of temporary staff rather than annually.


The price for a business of this kind will be determined by competition, besides being key differentiating more important in times of crisis factor. Being a fragmented market, the margin is low. In the business plan you’ll find anywhere propose actual prices to be served starting orientation.


In this case, yes you can talk about working hours. The budget itself can be made from the number of days and hours. A closed budget is usually an attractive element for customers, offering them security and safety. Therefore, a miscalculation on our part in the number of working days and / or variable costs significantly reduces the benefits of the work we do. Learning to study the projects and consider what contingencies may arise, nevertheless maintaining a competitive price; it is a virtue that entrepreneurs in this sector should try to acquire.


If you want to be distinguished by the quality of service in this market will influence the type of suppliers with whom you work. If you make a good choice, you have to make it clear in your business plan who go to work (will convey the feeling that It is a more elaborate project). The lower the supply of services in your area, the more important it is.

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