Four SEO must-haves for 2016

Four SEO must-haves for 2016

The world of SEO is constantly changing. There are new incremental updates to Google’s algorithms on an almost daily basis and also entire new algorithms to worry about and new best practices to adhere to. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the constant changes in the world of SEO, take a look at this handy list of must-haves for the new year. Cover these points and your site will have the foundation for a good position in the SERPS.

Four SEO must-haves for 2016

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1 Fresh content

Fresh content is essential to getting your site indexed on a regular basis. Fresh content brings the search engine bots back to your site so that they can see what has changed, which will help you to improve your rankings. You must, of course, make sure that the content is high quality.

2 Mobile friendly

Google advises developers to make sure that their site uses responsive web design to ensure that desktop and mobile users both enjoy a positive experience. If you are still running separate desktop and mobile sites, or not catering to mobile users at all, your rankings will suffer.

3 Local directory listings and maps listings

Local listings are something that are often overlooked; however, the truth is that if someone is looking for a website designer in Cheltenham, then Google won’t want to show a result for a Glasgow-based designer, even if they travel and accept clients from all over the country. Google is more likely to show a website designer such as, since it is a company with a strong presence in that area. Make sure your site is listed on all the maps services and in as many local directories as possible.

4 Authoritative links

Links are still an important part of any SEO campaign. If you are looking for incoming links, try to find authoritative websites to work with. High-profile review sites, the local media, educational establishments, the local authority and trade bodies are all good sources of trustworthy links.

Work slowly and steadily with your SEO. Don’t just put one monumental push into link building and content marketing and then give up on it. A sustained effort will show more progress in the long run and is less likely to leave the search engines questioning whether you are a spammer.

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