Top ideas for rewarding high performers at work

If your team are working extremely hard it’s probably time to reward them. This will help them to feel valued and will ensure that the industrious environment endures, and productivity remains. Acknowledging your gratitude is extremely important for staff well-being. But, what are the best ways to do this? Here are some ideas for rewarding staff.

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Casual day

If the deadlines have been met and there is time for a breather, why not have a casual day at work? Encourage staff to dress down for the day and take a relaxed approach. This will give staff a chance to unwind and in the long term will aid productivity.

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Bonus days off

If it’s the summer or coming up to a holiday such as Christmas, why not offer productive staff a bonus half day or day off? Nothing quite expresses gratitude like some bonus time off. Set an individual target that needs to be met to qualify for the extra time off and you will notice how incentivising this time can really be! Managing by reward and not fear is understood to be key to performance.

Away days

Find out what your employees might enjoy and organise a trip to a sporting venue such as Inviting employees to venues such as Ermanno Palace shows that you value them and their contribution.

Free food

here is nothing quite like free food to show appreciation. This can be anything from supplying pastries or pizza during a busy period or organising a celebratory lunch when a project is finished. It doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming, but the message is a positive one. If it becomes a regular occurrence, it may not work as well, so keep that in mind.

Offer training

As a way of incentivising employees, you can offer training or sponsor their education. You will benefit from the learning and your employee will feel valued and will be able to develop their career. If there isn’t the budget, then send your top employees to industry events.

Workplace amenities

As a reward for finishing a gruelling project you could offer to supply workplace amenities, whether this is a comfy seating area, a deluxe coffee machine or an onsite gym, your team will be grateful.

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