Social Media: Are you? or are you about to be?

Social Media: Are you? or are you about to be?

You know the importance of having a presence in social networks, so you decided to register your company profile in those considered as the main ones. You really do not know what will happen next, but you think that is secondary, you’ll worry about that later. You are so convinced of the importance of your brand that you are sure that this comes alone, overnight your community will have been created magically overnight. From that moment you will have an army of faithful followers who will evangelize about your brand. If you need to move a finger, you exercise such a great power, that you will attract followers, like flies to the thousand. Have you stopped to think why they should be there? You’d better not limit yourself simply to “being” and giving them reasons to follow you:

Establish where you want to go.Assume it, the socialmedia is already a very evolved world, where before taking a step you have to be clear about where you are going. Your efforts will be useless if they lack intentionality; but it is not there, the worst thing is that an action that is not properly calculated and planned can cause the boomerang effect and turn against you. Social networks are not a children’s game, but a highly competitive scenario where users are demanding and expect a lot from the actors.

Know them,If you know how they are, what they really like, what they want, or what motivates them, you will not fail in your message. They should be the central axis of your strategy. Show yourself irresistible, offer them something they can not refuse. Once you have earned their trust, you have them in the boat, engáschales, make them want to be with you forever.

Make them feel special, that they know that for you they are more than followers.Do not treat them like a number that comes to swell a list, but as true members of your community; people with feelings and needs that have given you their trust, and expect them to correspond. It is possible that you are your best option, but you have to prove it, you must know how to transmit it. Surely you are able to offer unrivaled advantages, put at your disposal an irrevocable offer, but if you can not reach them, if you do not touch the fiber, you will not get anything.

Adapt the message to your community.Forget about one-way communication, where only brands were in possession of the word. Now the action of the users matters, and much. One day they can praise your work and the next day become authentic executioners, who will behead their online reputation without mercy. Study the language of each social network and use its jargon. You will achieve a double objective: that they understand you and feel heard. That is when a positive attitude towards your product will be generated and you will get them to want to be part of your community, where they will feel full members, really integrated.

Social media is not just words, also facts.This to show only our pretty face, to coax the recipient with our arts, has already gone down in history. Show them that you are flesh and blood, achievable and tangible, give them objective reasons to decide for you. Show the result of your work Take advantage of the intrinsic nature of social media to show that you are real that you not only claim to be unique, great and unrepeatable, but you are. Take advantage of this opportunity provided by this communication channel.

Take care of them day by day, so that interest does not decline.The worst thing that could happen to you is that they forgot about you … it would be very difficult to get their interest back. Give it a well-calculated dose of content, enriched with usefulness, entertainment and a great deal of attraction. Act with moderation, do not overwhelm them with messages centered on you, or fall into saturation, respect their space and remain with you.

Definitely social media is the maximum exponent of active communication; It is unthinkable today that every company that boasts has presence in social networks and a planned strategy of action. How is the policy of your company in social networks? What strategy do your actions focus on?

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