The Importance of End-To-End Testing

The Importance of End-To-End Testing

As we move towards the end of the year, the press will once again review the biggest IT failures of 2015. Invariably, those on the list have attempted to short cut the necessary steps of defect detection and quality assurance. As a result, the effect on customers and shareholders, as well as the reputation damage has been significant.

End-To-End Testing

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If you’re anxious to avoid your company name being included on such an illustrious hall of shame then you might wish to consider the contributing factors to IT failure and the ways to avoid such monumental disasters. Considering the way you manage end-to-end testing is one part of the picture and here we outline some important points to consider:

What Is End-to-End Testing?

‘End-to-End’ testing is a testing method using either manual or automated software testing services to determine if an applications performance matches the outlined requirements. It needs to be performed from start to finish under the types of scenarios likely to be placed upon that application in the live environment. This should include communication with hardware, a network, any database being used and other linked applications.

Why Is It so Important?

Aside from the challenges previously outlined, this type of testing ensures that any information carriage between system components is accurate and appropriate. Better to encounter any errors in testing than for your customers to do so for you!

How Can I Ensure a Good Testing Outcome?

The simple answer is time, and extensive test case writing. These should be absolutely focused on the end-user perspective and how they are likely to interact with the features of the designed system. They should also include multiple scenarios to ensure a full system test.

How Can I Test Cost-Effectively?

Unfortunately, multiple test case testing can carry significant costs and impact on people. If that is not feasible due to budget or other project constraints then you could consider the use of outsourced third party software testing services such as bug finders and others. A third party tester can significantly increase your oversight whilst allowing you to focus on your core skills.

Don’t let 2016 be your year on ‘IT’s greatest failures’, take a long look at how you are launching applications to market and if your testing is strong enough, and ensure you don’t fall at the final hurdle.

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